"Bobcat" ADV; 446 Sqn Canadian Air Force

Started by GINge!, December 30, 2008, 03:35:52 PM

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Here are some in-progress photos of my Canuck WOTIF project. Rough back-story:

The Bobcat was borne out of a capability deficiency noted by the Air Force during exercises simulating expeditionary operations in the late 1990's. As 4 AD Regt removed the GDF-005 and SkyGuard from Cold Lake, the Air Force lost much of its VSHORAD capability. Along with that loss of ground based air defence, they realized that an element of base security was further marginalized.

Following the removal of the twin 35mm's from service, the Army was obliged to return those manning positions back to Air Force. The Air Force, based on lessons learned from Ex WOLF SAFARI, chose to reactivate 446 Sqn, formerly a Bomarc SAM Sqn.

The Sqn implementation team began work-up training in 2004 and was officially stood-to at CFB Cold Lake in 2007.

446 Sqn's mission was clear: Provide Force Protection for the Canadian Air Force.

Naturally, this meant the Sqn was to resume the VSHORAD mission, but with the FP role came the implied tasks of providing security through aggressive ground patrolling, and becoming the Centre of Excellence for Forward Air Controlling. It did not take long for 446 Sqn to deploy on operations.

During Op ATHENA Roto 7, 446 deployed to KAF, detaching one flight Opcon to RC(S), where they augmented the RAF Regt in the provision of the Kandahar Air Field QRF. The remaining two flights were tasked with escorting ground resupply convoys, providing TACP to the Battlegroup, and augmenting FOB LZ security.

The Bobcat

The Bobcat design phase started in 2004 with the first engineering audit version available in 2005. Due to the short timelines and typical budget restraints, the Director Air Requirments was to use as much commercial-off-the-shelf available equipment as possible. As the Army was in the process of retiring the AVGP fleet, these were smartly procured by the Air Force for $1.

The primary armament would be the M-61 20mm cannon, a weapon already familiar to the Air Force as it was nearly identical to that fitted on the CF-18's. The Air Force wanted a missile system to provide a night/all weather AD capability, and for that, the Starstreak system was selected. A triple launcher was added to the turret, which pivots and flips for firing, but can be stowed to allow C-130 transportability. In order to provide 24hr AD, the Bobcat was fitted with a diesel APU and a greatly expanded fuel capacity. Knowing that expeditionary ops were likely to be in warmer climates, the Air Force also specified a robust air conditioning system be added. Appliqué armour was designed for high threat environments.

A joint trial with AETE and LFTEU was conducted in late 2005, and by early 2006, low rate initial production had begun.

This version depicts the Bobcat in its first deployment to Afghanistan.



Main gun is the 20mm M-61, missile pods still to be sussed out

Some bits that I may still add


Two thumbs up on this !  :cheers:  Very great work, love the idea, and the model !


Dang that is some very sexy armor right there :wub: :thumbsup:
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Logan Hartke

Very very nice.  Good luck on this, the last Bobcat the Canadian military tried didn't end up so well.

Logan Hartke


This is a good looking build. Keep up the good work.  :thumbsup:


Been following this on Modern Canadian Armour, Graeme, and I have to say that I love it!

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100% bad as hell.  That gun. . . makes me all hot and sweaty.

Similar to an idea (not my own) of putting a GAU-8 on an M1A2.  Delicious, and nutritious. :wub:


s'ok, I know where the breech is. There is much more to be added to this project :-)


Quote from: noxioux on December 30, 2008, 05:52:38 PM

Similar to an idea (not my own) of putting a GAU-8 on an M1A2.  Delicious, and nutritious. :wub:

wait for it...

Jeffry Fontaine

Good to see you posting some AFV WHIF subjects!  Love what you have done so far with the LAV and look forward to more of the same from you and your imagination!
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Noticed the Mk. 19 AGL in the "Bits" pic, Ginge. What, the M61 not good enough anti-personnel?  :o

Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part...

More into Flight Sim reskinning these days, but still what-iffing... Leading Edge 3D