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Started by B777LR, December 18, 2008, 06:13:58 AM

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1. Which 1/72 F-117 kit is best? I am looking at the Academy and Italeri kits at the moment.

2. Can an F-117 carry Sidewinders? I believe the Academy kit contains these... :unsure:


in 1/72 the Academy one followed by the Hasegawa, the italeri one has a few detail glitches as does the Airfix example (altho useful for its decal sheet)

I'd ditch the 'winders, the type being primarily a precision ground attack type with lgb.'s, altho the Italeri/Testors kit does include some nice Mk.61 nuke training rounds which would be useful for other purposes  :blink:

cheers, Joe
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Think i will go for the Italeri kit, as there is nothing like Saudi Arabia with F-117s and nuclear bombs :drink:

What is fit like?

Ian the Kiwi Herder

I built the Italeri one many years ago and really enjoyed it. Goes together very easily, but needs filling all along the underside of the leading edge. Not a difficult job.


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I am building the Hasagawa one and had lots of fit issues, especially around wing roots and undersides.

I actually like the Revell kit which is based on the Monogram snap together but with bomb bay and landing gear added.
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Quote from: philp on December 18, 2008, 12:04:29 PM
I actually like the Revell kit which is based on the Monogram snap together but with bomb bay and landing gear added.

Horrible canopy though


Ahh feck, ordered the kit yesterday, because it was the last chance of getting it and some seriously needed putty before christmas. Only now, one day later does the shop respond and tell me that they dont have any putty left, and thus the order has been cancelled :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Looks like there will be no modelling this christmas, at least not without putty :banghead:


B777LR, I do have an italeri F117, if you want it, we can make a deal, you are still in time! I´m looking for a Tornado F3 or an EA-6B.


Oh, send me a PM, as I can see them in my blackberry and so I don´t have to check the forum constantly...