The Landships GB proposal

Started by puddingwrestler, December 10, 2008, 01:28:16 PM

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For some wierd reason as I was walking to work this morning I was thinking about sticking four MK.IV male tanks together to build a steam powered landship with a launching catapault for Sopwith Camels...
So I thought, why not a Landship GB? Any kind of landship or super-duper heavy tank would be valid - remember the first tanks where developed by the navy and called landships. You could have anything from a multi-tracked 100,000 ton monster tank to a batleship fitted with wheels, or one of those sail powered wheeled sleds that various people race in the desert.

Whatif the British army decided to use steam power to open up the heart of Africa? What if the US civil war involved fitting wheels the the Merrimack? Whatif awesome Anti-grav technology became available leading to HUGE landship aircraft carriers ala the Heavy Gear game series? What if some of those 'Popular Science' and 'Popular Mechanics' covers from the 30's came true?

Whaddaya reckon fellas?
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Hmm, now on the Sherman thread, I proposed a WWII Shermanated OGRE, made from two Shermans and six Stuarts (which turn out to be harder to get nowadays than when I was wargaming 25 years ago.... :banghead:) - now I have two reasons to build it...... :wacko:
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Andrew Gorman

I like the idea.  When does it start?


I was actually planning one of these for the armor GB earlier this year.

This site has some great inspiration:
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:thumbsup: on the idea guys.

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Philip; where did you think I got the idea from  ;D

And Mr. Gorman - we start when we get the green light...

now where did I put that torch and the green celophane?
There are no good kits, bad kits or grail kits, just kitbash fodder.


Here's something to whet your appetites: presenting the American T28E2 Superheavy Tank!

The Superheavy Tank T28 (105mm Gun Motor Carriage T95) (as it was formally known) was 38 feet long, had quad tracks -- the outer set could be dismounted and reassembled into a "trailer" reducing it's width from 14 feet to 10 feet using an onboard crane; it weighed (get this) 190,000 pounds at combat load. And all of this was driven by a 500hp Ford GAF V8 gasoline engine to a blistering eight miles per hour!

I really like the idea of this build. Scale-o-rama time again!

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But now you have to build a new one :thumbsup:
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That would be a good excuse for my SuperCenturion :mellow:
See first pic here http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,19534.0.html
Still in this status :thumbsup:
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Well, if your going to do a Landship it might as well have a Battleship Turret.  One of the more well known 'landships', the P.1000 Ratte:

And it's big brother, the P.1500 Monster, toting the same 80cm K gun used by the Dora & Gustav Railway guns:

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