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Masking Tape that is appropriate for model building

Started by Jeffry Fontaine, November 28, 2008, 04:28:39 PM

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Jeffry Fontaine

The 3M brand blue tape is known for its low adhesive properties and is ideal for test fitting your models and to mask them for painting.  It is now cheap and that is the one fault that I find with it.  There are also model company brand ed masking tapes available, one of which is from Tamiya and it too is expensive but many modelers will bear the price in order to achieve a good paint job. 

On the Hyperscale "Plane Talking" discussion forums I found a comment posted by Ed Grune describing an alternative to the Tamiya masking tape that might be worth checking out.  The company that sells this product is called Shur-Tape.  Ed's analysis of the "Shurtape Razor Edge Gold premium masking tape (CP-60)" reveals that it has much in common with the Tamiya brand tape and it is available in larger size rolls sans the nifty little plastic dispenser that Tamiya sells their brand of tape in.  Ed has included a couple of images showing the Shur-Tape brand tape so you can know what to look for when it comes time to restock your model building supplies. 

Another party added a link to a pdf file on the product that is available at this link: http://www.shurtape.com/Portals/0/CP60_v295.pdf
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There's also a German company named Kip that manufactures a similar tape (Kip Spezialpapier 308). (seems they're affiliated with ShurTape)

For sale here: http://www.airbrush-services-almere.nl/shop6/index1.html

I've been using this for a few months now, it works well.


Once you've used masking frisket paper, you'll never go back.

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For viewers in the USA, Sherwin-Williams paint stores have rolls of yellow kabuki tape available in 3 widths:

There ought to be plenty of use per roll and plenty of uses to be found.   
It's really nice stuff.

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