1:48 F-14 interceptor

Started by sv51macross, November 11, 2008, 05:14:41 PM

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This F-14 WhIf began as an idea for illithid00's WhIf GB on the ARC forums, an idea that took heavy influence from the VF-0S Angel from Macross Zero, but impatience allowed this to come out instead. Basically, the idea is whay if the F-14 was rebuilt with modern composites for improved g-load and airframe life, given the 40,000lb-thrust engines from the JSF, and thrust vectoring and advanced avionics? This kit was borne from the Academy F-14A bombcat, with the rear engine nacells Squadron-Puttied out and custom petals cut from styrene. The Pheonixs an 'Winders are for another project. the pod in the middle is a GU-35, a ficticious 35mm gun pod, in addition to the internal M-61.

Jeffry Fontaine

This has got to be the most radical looking F-14 I have seen. 

Very impressive and definitely puts a new look to it without much effort. 

Was that the TARPS Pod from the kit that you converted to the gun pod? 
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That is very, very cool.  :o

My one concern is that those downward-canted tailplanes may interfere when taking off/landing, as they mean the ground clearance at the tail is much lower. But never mind - it looks bloody good! The Ferris camo is great as well.  :mellow: :thumbsup:
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Jeffry, yes that is the TARPS with the cameras fileld in and the forward one drilled out. The gas vent is just some random piece I sawed off an unused part. Pyro, yeah, some of my more aircraft-minded dormmates have made that observance, and Basically my idea is that on takeoff the elevators would be deflected anyway, and thus out of the way. Upon landing I thought they would be deflected also, but the thrust vectoring would provide extra thrust in the rear by pointing down.

Thanks for the feedback!


Already done?  :o Man, that came out great! Fantastic job on both conversion and painting!  :thumbsup: Looks really cool!

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woo hoo!
excellent choice of camo. id love to make a tomcat in this scheme too...
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Nice one mate!! The Ferris camo camo out wonderfully!!

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Dang that is super cool  :wub: Good freaking job dude :thumbsup:
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The best part about this design is he could swoop under freeway overpasses with the greatest of ease! Very cool looking  :thumbsup:
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Interesting looking F-14.

As to the stabilators it could be a simple matter of them being angled down when the wings are at full aft sweep, and most positions in between,
and angled up when the wing is in the full forward position with flaps and slats activated for landing.


Eddie M.

What A Blast. You have done the Tomcat family well! ;D
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Cool concept.  Did you do this back in 2004 per the photo datecodes or is it more recent?  Any others we can have a look at ????   -_-
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