Verti-Gripen: the F-35B alternative

Started by Spey_Phantom, November 10, 2008, 04:34:16 AM

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and just when you thought the F-35B was all alone  :huh:

Back History:

in 2007, the development of the production F-35B encountered many problems and delays. as the Italian, Spanish and Royal Navy was worried that it would have new carriers, but no aircraft to equip there airwings, SAAB stepped to the scene with a very practical alternative.

the JAS-23E/F Gripen-NG was now offered to NATO countries to replace the F-16's, but it had many competition from the EF2000, Rafale, F-18E/F, F-35 and the SU-35. SAAB discovered that all nations operating a VSTOL carrier had no other alternative to replace there harriers with the american multibillion dollar F-35B STOVL.
Sweden saw that the F-35B was unrivaled in the VSTOL-class, and decided to present its own STOVL figther to compete with the Lightning II. in 2010, SAAB revieled there first multirole STOVL Fighter. this aircraft was largely based on the earlier C/D models of the gripen, cause it was lighter hen the NG version.

the aircraft was named the JAS-39S Verti-Gripen.
the plane didnt differ that much from the orriginal design, as only minor modifications were required.
however, to make room for the new Rolls Royce F-136 engine, the rear fuselage for the gripen had to be redesigned.
the 20mm Gun was removed to accomodate the lift fan. the rear landing gear was set more appart due to the space requirement, the bottom of the fuselage was aerodynamicly blended in with the wing.
the verti-gripen had a max-takeoff weight of 40.000lbs, thats 4000lbs lighter then the F-35, this meant the gripen could carry more fuel and weapons externally.

in 2012, the first verti-gripens were inducted into service with the swedish navy, who had ordered 48 STOVL gripens for there 2 new carriers, the "Lappland" and the "Stockholm".

the model:

model is a trumpeter 1/144 JAS-39A that was salvaged from the scrapyard, took the dremel to sand it off, mill out the rear engine, the STOVL conversion was made with spare parts, most notable is the spare engine from revell's 1/144 X-35.
just for show, i broke of the canards and remounted them in the down position  ;D

on the bench:

-all kinds of things.


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It's a crappy self-made pic of a Lockheed Unmanned Combat Armed Rotorcraft (UCAR), BTW
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Nils, looks like a winner to me! Gotta love how cool you can make a 1/44 scale jet look  :thumbsup:
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Awesome idea, love it. And where idd you get a 1:144 gripen?