Coming soon: Rockwell's early stealth "Silent Night Attacker"

Started by Orionblamblam, November 07, 2008, 09:55:18 PM

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It's been worked out in 3-D "Rhino," to be printed off in 1/72 scale via laser stereolithography. Once the parts are printed, the surface will be finished and the weapons bays, landing gear and cockpit will be built by hand. It will eventually be released as a kit by Fantastic Plastic.

More here:

Green Dragon

Very nice looking plane. Any idea how much the kit will be from Fantastic Plastic?

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Quote from: Green Dragon on November 26, 2008, 07:08:35 AM
Any idea how much the kit will be from Fantastic Plastic?

Not a clue; that's not my area. However, I'd suggest that the price will be in line with the other FP offerings.


I've gotten the "grown" parts. Even sans details... it's a thing of fargin beauty.

More info:

The main parts are all now sanded smooth. Detailing comes next. Fortunately there's limited detailing as far as panel lines, but there's a lot of cockpit/landing gear/weapons bay work to do.


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