WTD-1/72 AAM-3

Started by Scooterman, October 26, 2008, 10:57:17 AM

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Long shot but I'm looking for 2 of these.  One would work in a pinch.


Jeffry Fontaine


If you were doing this in 1/48th scale, I would have been able to hook you up since I have several of the JASDF weapons sets in that scale.  Not to late to start it in 1/48th scale :)
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Don't have the kit in 1/48.  I did at one time but it got traded for something that I forgot I have........ :banghead:

Ed S


I have a couple left in one of the Hasegawa Japanese weapons sets.  PM me with your address and I'll get them off to you.

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Brad, if you need them for displaying at Telford I can bring along a couple for you, pre-painted Eduard style ;) .  If its for "something else" then I'll let the folks stateside sort you out.
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Ed, thanks! and PM on the way.

Nev, no they're not needed for Telford but thanks for the offer.