Messerschmitt Me-109 V-27

Started by TomZ, January 04, 2004, 12:25:56 PM

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Also just finished: the autogiro variant of the Me-109E.

Read more about it at : http://www.xs4all.nl/~tozu/l46/L46-me109v27.htm


Tom (zuid99)
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Aw, nice!  Great job on that Tom.
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Very nice.  And quite original too, I might add :)
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:wub: Thanks Tom, I thought I was crazy designing a Mustang helicopter :( , but your Me 109 autogyro introduces wonderfully my mad creations :) . Thanks. :)
Though :( , I fear JMNs :angry:  will disapprove a detail in your Web page about this one : "Focke-Wulf 192" production code for a 1940 project is dubious. The Putnam WW2 German aircraft book says that RLM-code 192 was given in 1937 to Ago company (twin-engined communication aircraft for 6 passengers). But What-if historians were wrong ? I agree completely, dreaming is better...  :)  
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It's allways reasuring when you find out that you're not the only completely crazy person in the world.  :lol:

Thanks for the heads-up about the 192 number.  :wub:  When I wrote the text I didn't have my references with me and I planned to check later but I forgot.  :dum:
I changed the number in the text to 169, which wasn't assigned according to my references.


Reality is an illusion caused by an alcohol deficiency

Joe C-P

Wow, that's _quite_ original.  :) It could spawn a whole series of similar efforts, though as you note in the article, forward visibility would have been virtually nil.  :blink:

A fine build, as well. I look forward to seeing your other what-ifs!  :cheers:  
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Oh, boy!!!!
Someone gave me a part-started Hobbycraft 1/48th '109E yeasterday, that could appear in this format.....but how about Kriegsmarine??
Superb. :wacko:  
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Captain Canada

Yeah, that is awesome !

I especially like the early 109 scheme you've chosen !

Great stuff !

Toad :wub:  
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Dear Tom Z, may I include the P-51E below in my forthcoming book (Virtual Mustangs - just waiting for TSR-Joe checking), sending you a free copy as reward ?
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PS. My book is devoted to plane shapes without pilot inside, the canopy being only an eye, so the rotation axis can go though the "seat", no problem...  
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


Sure Tophe, no problem. Use all you want.

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Martin H

QuoteA fine build, as well. I look forward to seeing your other what-ifs!  :cheers:
You should see his take on Concorde.  Now thats a real eye opener.
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