A-7 Corsair III Twin Engine (scale 1/48)

Started by G.Marcat, October 05, 2008, 09:58:26 AM

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Hello from Italy.
The my name is Graziano and I join to this group because I would to share with others the my passion for the "What If" models :thumbsup:

Please accept in advance the my excuses for the my English very below the average!!!!!!!

I would to show the model on which I'm currently working.

The original idea for this conversion started from this drawing that spin around in internet.
This drawing come out from an original project from VOUGHT for an A-7 with two F-404 not afterburned engines:

Honestly the my project is started a year ago: in origin I was oriented to build a YA-7F, the Corsair II with the F-100 Engine as the F-16.

But I made the foul choice of to use the old and tragic ESCI A-7 as base for the conversion... At a certain moment of the conversion process I undertood that the effort of to build a YA-7F was NOTHING compared to the effort useful to correct all the disasters that the A-7 from Esci has on it.

At a certain moment I let loose the YA-7F conversion and I started the A7 TWIN :

I add to the my personal website a pair of pages with IMAGES where is possible to see the work made from me until today:

The project is at a good point, as you can see.
Yesterday I have replaced the pointed F-8 nose-cone installed originally because with that kind of nose-cone the my Twin Engine A-7 look too much similar to the F-8, so I have reinstalled the original A-7 flat nose.

This is all for now!


Graziano, welcome to the group! Your Corsair III looks fantastic so far  :thumbsup:  I'm looking forward to seeing more progress :)
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Yeah buddy :thumbsup: Bravo :wub: That is some sweet kitbashing right there. :party: Glad you are here. ;D
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Hello Graziano, welcome to the group.  I like what you're doing with the A-7.  Always been a fan of the Corsair II.  If you're interested, here's an A-7F that I build. 


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Hi Graziano, welcome aboard. That's a fine project you've got going there, and it's a variant I've never heard of so I'd like to see the finished result.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

And your English is infinitely better than my Italian, by the way........ :thumbsup:
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First of all, Thanks for the warm welcome :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

You discover the my secret!
This thread on Secret Projects


is at the base of the my project for the Corsair Twin Engines.

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Welcome aboard! :cheers:

And look forward to seeing progress on your project.
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Hello Graziano,

That's a wonderful and ambitious project. :thumbsup:

BTW: A question for everyone. That P&W F100 you mention has afterburner? Did a dry P&W F100 ever exist?

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