Some retro SF planes WITH SPATS!

Started by puddingwrestler, September 20, 2008, 02:41:58 PM

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I was rampaging around the ConceptShips blog (Which can be seen here) looking for ideas for a project over on SSM based on a retro space fighter sketch and I found a link to the artists Deviant Art account which contains... well... retro SF planes with rockets and SPATS! So I though I should share.
Go here to see them.

And for the sake of completeness, here's the project which I have been inspired to by these pics.
There are no good kits, bad kits or grail kits, just kitbash fodder.

Brian da Basher

That Nieuport rocket fighter is waaay cool and the project you're working on should be posted here on What-If as well Mr Wrestler! It's the bees knees!
Brian da Basher


Brian, it's kinda part of a challenge, posting it here would somewhat defeat the purpose. Linkage is sufficient.
Oh, and it'll have spats, just so you know.

Overkiller: I've seen something like those cars built on the SSM forums I believe. I'd suggest either a Auburn Speedster (which was the basis for said build) or possibly one of those Aluma Coupes (as I believe they are called - those Boyd Coddington designed hot rod thigns Testros released a while back) for the sheer swoopy-ness.
There are no good kits, bad kits or grail kits, just kitbash fodder.


This one would work for the Spitfire GB
Phil Peterson

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I'm almost in tears because the images on both those links are so beautiful. This is the sort of art I dreamt of doing when I was a kid. For the link to deviantart... I had seen some of his work earlier and even made some 3d gun models based on his images.
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ı had once attempted to join the site but on rather different subject material , but they didn't allow as servers were not treating them right . Is it still the case ?


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