MIG 31 with more G

Started by HARIHAR, September 14, 2008, 04:17:41 AM

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OK,this is just a start,my intention was to take advantage of the design of f15 and place it on my bird so I hope that will put more G on it :tornado:


Hey, that is nice !  At first, I thought you were just going to have match boxes on the butt...LOL.  I like the lines of the jet, very sleek.



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How cool!  :o A dog fighting foxhound!!  :wub: Brillian idea. :thumbsup:
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Nice, subtle changes - I like this a lot and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. :cheers:


this  is just beginning,paint is only here for bather view of shape(I can always wash it with water ) .In the tail "stinger"is rear aspect radar like on su-34.Ill also attend to do some wing job with wingtip launchers,and to add trust vectoring from my mig 1.44


Interesting. . . Wish I had thought of this before I started my Foxhound E

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Super idea,................thinks to self, why didn't you think of that, Doh!!  ;D :thumbsup: :cheers:
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Great looking model. Looking forward to seeing it painted and decalled. Your latest pictures remind me of a story a friend told me long ago. Whenever he dropped a part onto the floor, his cat would come over and find it for him. He kept his completed models displayed on open shelves, and the cat would carefully walk among them and never pushed anything off. He just had to remember to leave any new shelves bare until kitty had a chance to explore it and approve brfore putting any models out.
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my cat is pretty different, he loves only my plastic birds :banghead: :banghead:some nose,little of wings,little of tail and bird is no more >:( :wacko: :huh: ;D