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Started by Macal, September 05, 2008, 01:43:02 PM

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Hi All!

As I've wrote in the Panzer type 46 topic, there's another project I'm working on: I call it: iumentum, wich means "work horse" in latin. I've started to read the warhammer40k novels, and in the book "Necropolis" there's a truck, wichone carries the soldiers into a city under siege. But the only thing in the book about these trucks, is that they can carry up to 30 soldiers, and have 8 wheels. So, I've decided to make my own variant :ph34r:
It was realy hard to start with this little information, so the I have to make some concept drawing what will I going to do...and of course: how :)

First, I decided to make the the chassis, that's the base of the hole model. After that came the suspension, and the wheels. At this part, I have to make the chassis in water-level, but I've decided to make the suspensions joint moveable/flexible.
The wheels came from a revell 1:35 fuchs kit.
The tanks, and the box is made of styrene and brass sheets.
More pix and thingies about the building in the next reply:)


Dang bro , that is some fine scratch building :wub: :thumbsup: :party:
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The second step was to make resin copies of the masterpieces of some parts. One of my friend helped me with that, thanx for him :) :bow: this included: the diffeferential drives, and the springs.
After that, started the making of the engine and the transmisson.


Then the platform. Materials used: styrene sheets, wires and a paper handkerchief :)
Cause i have to carry 30 soldiers, the benches has been positioned into 4 rows: 2 in the side and 2 of them in the middle.
The seats 're made of balsa wood :)

Ed S

Looking good.  Some excellent scratchbuilding. 

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The realy hard part in the making of these truck (wichone isn't finished at the moment) is the cab. It has a difficult form, and the most of the details in a truck is on the cab.
So, wheels on, platform is on, started to gaging, measuring and after a lot of probing, I started to put the parts together :)
Most of the cab is made of styrene , the hood is brass, just like the pedals, the control panel, and some details.


Ok, just 2 more posts, and I succesfully made a reduction of 150 pix :)
These 2 last post is all about the cab and whats under the hood :)
The front of the cab is made of styrene and was difficult to make, I didn't want a simple form for the nose. The second thing was realy hard to make was the drivers place, with the control instruments....


And the engine with it's details... :)

More pix of the project can be found here:



Wow - this is a seriously impressive project: nice one!  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

May I ask a question: what do you use to glue brass sheet with? I made some brass sheet wings for a project and had a devil of a job trying to get even superglue to adhere to them?
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Quote from: Weaver on September 05, 2008, 02:21:30 PM
Wow - this is a seriously impressive project: nice one!  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

May I ask a question: what do you use to glue brass sheet with? I made some brass sheet wings for a project and had a devil of a job trying to get even superglue to adhere to them?

It's interesting, sometimes I do everything but the brass just don't want to stick to eachother... The best method is to furbish the two part You want the glue with sandpaper, and than It'll be easier to glue them...I use super glue (cyanoacrylate) and batter the parts together easily...

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Incredible work! Outstanding workmanship. This is a breath of fresh air and it doesn't even have wings! ;D
Look behind you!


Wonderful work, very impressive hood !


Awesome stuff mate. I saw this on the inprogress page and mightily impressed. :bow:

Glad to see you posting here.

It is nice to see something different.

I've never really had much trouble glueing brass as long as the surfaces are rough, like Macal says.
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brilliant!!! I doubt even forge world could have done this as well as you have!
  you've taken what some might consider a more mundane subject from 40k,and made
It a true work of art - can't wait to see paint on this beast!!


Look like it should be thundering down Baghdad streets :wub: Amazing scratch building, the engine is unbelievable  :bow:
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