Next Freightdog resin kit - Avro 720 artwork

Started by Freightdog862, August 23, 2008, 03:10:34 PM

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Hello guys, here is a little update on the 1/72 resin Avro 720 coming out soon, mastered by Paul Lucas with decal options based on his references, but schemes are of course 'counterfactual' so to speak!

The decal artwork...

Unfortunately it will not be ready for the Coventry show, but maybe by end of September




now that looks soooo sweet, def looking forward to its release...put me down for one for sure please...

cheers, Joe
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Well after seeing the prototype kit at SMW last year where its creator Paul Lucas showed the What-If SIG lads to gauge our interest. Its nice to see Colin has taken up the gauntlet to actually produce kit and to include an excellent set of decals to accomanpy it.

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Slightly out of my normal period but I'll be having one all the same
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Thanks for all your support, I appreciate it.


Great counterpart to the P.177, think I'll pick one up too! :thumbsup:
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While the SR.177 is by all accounts a cracker of a kit, it's not an aircraft that ever did much for me.  But the Avro 720...well that's another story!  One more reason to try to make it over to Telford this year!!
So I got that going for me...which is nice....