Light Assault Carrier (Sci-Fi)

Started by BlackOps, August 10, 2008, 05:18:40 PM

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OK, AD got me itchin' to go back to this build after seeing his current project then Slinger had to go and start a Sci-Fi project so I decided I'd better scratch that itch. This started with a used toner cartridge I snagged from work after thinking it's a perfect starting point for a Frigate or some such space fleet craft.

I added some 1/25 scale car rims to add some detail to the rear engines.

Then I brought home another cartridge with the intention of making a sister ship but combined them to creat a light assualt/support carrier instead.

Heare's a shot of the tail end.

Can't have a carrier without fighters so here's the first prototype.

A little size comparison.

I think this project is going to take a while, finding appropriate greeblies and such may take some searching but I've been wanting to get back to this.

Jeff G.
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Looks like a great start.  I've been mulling over a sci-fi build - Colonial Marines, Galactic Marine Corps, something along those lines.  Just really have to find a good base object to start off with.  That toner cartridge looks like an interesting beginning; lots of potential there.

Keep the updates coming.
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Wow. I love it! What's that old saying about one man's trash? With the 3 great sci-fi kitbashes on here now, I'm defintely going to start my own. Great work so far, be sure to keep us posted.


P.S. What's that little fighter made from?


Wow, looks like we've got an unofficial Sci-Fi GB going on here!  :thumbsup:

That toner cartridge just screams to be a ship.  Love the carrier design, it has a very distinct 'Aliens' look to it to me.

So I got that going for me...which is nice....


Jeff G.
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I just love projects like this...unbelievably way cool !  Wonderful concept, and coming along well.

John Howling Mouse

Whoooooa: this is coming along nicely.  These toner cartridges: how long are they?  Looks like an excellent forestock for a new version of the old Aliens pulse rifle.
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Quote from: John Howling Mouse on August 10, 2008, 07:48:22 PM
Whoooooa: this is coming along nicely.  These toner cartridges: how long are they?  Looks like an excellent forestock for a new version of the old Aliens pulse rifle.

Thanks guys, the cartridge is about 19" long. I have considered bringing home another one for just that purpose Barry! The cool thing is the flat panel even slides like a shotgun pump  :thumbsup:
Jeff G.
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The similarity to the Marines' pulse rifle prompted my comment too, since the Sulaco was based on the design of the rifle.  These things have lots of sci-fi potential.  Maybe this could be the USS John Glenn base platrform I mentioned in my original Mars Lander backstory?
So I got that going for me...which is nice....


Actually, it looks closer to the carriers in Space: Above and Beyond :cheers:
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Brian da Basher

Toner cartridges??!!! Who'd'a thunk it???!!! Outstanding vision on this one Black Ops!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Brian da Basher


Beautiful idea . :wub: :thumbsup: This is going to be fun with all of us working sci-fi. Who else wants in?
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Oh what the hell, this is rounding out to be another group build.

Lemmee see what I have before I commit

Getting back into modeling


Ed S

This is off to a great start.  Very imaginative use of "junk". 

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