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Just wondering ??

Started by Ian the Kiwi Herder, August 06, 2008, 07:00:14 PM

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Ian the Kiwi Herder

With everybody who is entering a model for this GB seemingly working-away on their (multiple ?) entries and the general level of enthusiasm there seems to be for this one..... not to mention our Profilers seemingly inexhaustable imagination/skill/output.... I was just wondering if (deep breath).

Along with the Secret Santa GB, and the 1 Week GB, whether, (as Nev alluded to), we should consider the Profile GB as an Annual Event ?

Personally, I'd be all-for-it, but I'm biased ! - Over to you folks, whaddya think ?


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Bryan H.

Well, we will definitely need more profiles!  There are just not enough to choose from!  ;D

:cheers: Bryan

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I for one would love to see the Profiles GB an annual event, along with the others.  I've still got a bucketload of choices for the Build and am running out of time  :lol:  I'd also suggest the Armour GB as an annual thing too as it was fairly well supported.




Sounds like a great idea to me  :thumbsup:

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All of those answers are yes of course!!!

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id be up for an annual group build...its really neat to see the profiles translated into plastic, i can think of no better thank you to the artist too to see his work recreated by a fellow modeller

cheers, Joe
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With the limited number of GBs available in a year, ideas are piling up as it is. Reserving one of those slots for a Profiles GB means even fewer of the other ideas will be executed. Also, profiles can easily be done as part of another GB (Secret Santa and 1WGB come to mind).


Actually, Secret Santa isn't an annual event - it was run on two consecutive years, but the 2nd time was a much more lacklustre showing, so me and Antony agreed to let it slide for a while.

At first, I thought the Profiles GB would simply have to be an annual event as everyone went at it hell-for-leather, but after the initial charge its gone really quiet in there.  I guess the time to ask this question is next year and see how people feel.
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Too busy right now to decide about an annual GB: still plugging away at my 3 entries for this one!!

Heh, heh!
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