Profiles GB - Build 2 SAAF MiG-21SA(M) **painting and decaling done**

Started by Damian2, July 22, 2008, 02:55:22 PM

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Hi All!

I'm not building the F-1AZ camo, there I've said it and now Overkiller's head can explode :P

The reson is that when I "salvaged" my second Mig box and opened it I was greeted with an assembled fuselage from a year ago where I had nipped off the back end and inserted the burner can from a Hornet to make a Super-21 :) Now no money means no new MiG kit so i'm making do. This means that I'll be going for the grey scheme or if I can twist Richard's arm a MiG-21SA(M) in the air superiority scheme worn by our F-1CZs.

Here's an example of the scheme I'm talking about

My background story is that after the Atlas Aircraft Corporation reversed engineered the Mig-21MF to make the Mig-21SA in the late 70's they set about an improvement program to keep the machines in the front lines. Flash forward to the 90's and the MiG-21SA is starting to show its age. The SANDF want to keep the plane in service as it is fairly rugged and good at zoom climb intercepts. So with this in mind a requirement is handed down by the SANDF for a point defence interceptor using the MiG-21 as a core design. Denel comes up with a modernisation plan with the MiG and is awarded the contract. They strip out the Tumanski engines and replace them with F404s. The radar set is scrapped in favour of a cut down AN/APG-66 dubbed the AGP-66SA, a newer HUD is added and a mil-std data bus and transmitter/receiver are added for data sharing. Added to this is the "MiG combat wing" which gives the MiG tip rails and the ability to launch AIM-9s and AIM-120s. This resulted in the MiG-21SA (M) (M= modernised) which wore grey air superiority schemes befitting its point defence role.

My A/c will be based out of FAPE for local interception duties :)

Pics will be up tomorrow of my doings :)


ps. Sorry Overkiller, but I will build one as soon as I can get my hands on a MiG-21MF :)
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This one is now officially on hold. The sandinf went well with prestick used to bolster the clear parts while the various bits were sanded off. The problem was when polishing the front windscreen disintegrated into 4 parts because it was damn thin to begin with and I made it a wee bit thinner. After 2 hours of trying to build a solution I've binned all the atempts.

The only way this sucker will get built is if Academy or a fellow modeler sends me clear parts...

Now for a language I rarely speak...

- Afrikaans though a wondefully expressive language should not be used as a blunt intrument by and Englishman...

Don't ask what it means, it expresses my sentiment well though  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


* edited for bad Afrikaans, both language and syntax...
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After sleeping it off I'm a wee bit calmer now. Still mad at myself though :)

Here is how the MiG-21SA (M) will look like once complete

Now to find another MiG :)


ps. Thanks Richard!!!
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My little bro working in a toy store and is bringing a 1/48 Academy MiG-21PF home for me  :drink:

I'll use the clear parts (possibly front fuselage too) off of that kit revitalise the MiG-21SA(M)...

Pics to come soonish...

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Ok some progress at last!!

Here are some of the things that's different between the two Academy MiGs:

* Front fuselage halves, including the area where the hump joins up' internal moulds of installing the 'pit and the profile for installing the clear parts;
* IP and its coaming;
* Clear parts...duh  -_-

1. Overview shot of what i've done so far. I need to repaint the new 'pit and the IP but thats getting modded :)

2. Building up the MF hump to join up with the PF front end, I want the bulkier humpbacked look and doing it this way will allow me to build a Franken MPF once I've sourced MF clear parts. Perhaps a RAF or CAF machine will be in order for that one?

3. Putty is on the spine hump and curing and the IP is being modded. I'm going to try and cut the MFD and JTIDS (smaller screen on the right) frames out so that will be fun :S

4. The only part coming over from the front of the MF for now, the seat. Still need to do a bit more weathering and painting of placards :)

Phew...a long way to go but at least there's a destination now!

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Hi All!!

Some progress shots from today :)

1. I like how the enlarged hump looks on the plane :)

2. Wings together with "filling" for my gear doors

3. JHM dooromatic(tm) process used here to scratch build some doors. Going to add a small bullet fairing to each...

4. Just got to figure out which is going to be the easiest way to blend this in...

5. Another closer look at the join

6. Slightly head on view, will be adding an IFR probe to the stb side of the hump ala Cheetah C IFR :)

All for now! All comments and crits welcomed!!

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Hi all!

Got more cap so I can now show off my progress! Only a little was made as the CAA exams I wrote took up alot of my free time...

1.  JHM dooromaticâ„¢ doors installed! Went ALOT easier the second time around :)

2. F404 burner can grafted into place and the PSR on it done!

3. My patriotic pilot! Tried something a little different here with the helmet, still need to work on my fine brush skills as I smudged the red a little...

4. Top down view of his flag helmet...

5. His new "office space" added to this is the unseen upgrades for fly-by-wire controls and a side stick controller instead of a center column

6. PSR work on incorporating the enlarged spine continues, once done the bottom seam will be tackled!

What I don't have a pic of is the intial "weapons trials" I don't know whether to mount the AIM-9s on tip launchers ala F-16 or over wing ala Jaguar. The tip launchers look different while the overwing ones keeps the "slim" Mig profile. Well still got time to make a final decision!

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John Howling Mouse

mmmmmm....the new 'pit details!  The new burner can!  The canopy! The pilot's helmet!  Very impressive.

Glad to see the Door-O-Matic technique is working out, too.   :thumbsup:
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You'll all be glad to know that I've gone overwing for the mounts. Thats all I got done with my CAA exams this week :)

Pics will come once I'm done with my PSR on the fuselage...

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Well after the exams and the flying got a little model time today :)

I've managed to get the PSR on the fuselage and tail done and the tail piece installed. I've mocked up the wings with the 'Winders I'll be using to show you the overwing launchrails!

1. Overhead shot:

2. Port side:

3. Front 3/4 shot:

4. Head on (mostly):

The rest of the loadout will be gasbags under the wings along with either AIM-7 Sparrows, AIM-120 AMRAAMs or Meteors and some form of gun.At this point I don't know whether I am going to install the GsH gun that is to be installed on the MF, go with the gun pod for the PF, install the a gun pod from a Hawk or scratch buils my own vulcan style cannon just yet.

Still to add to the kit is the fuselage mounted u/c doors, IFR probe, ECM blisters, GPRS antenna, blade areials for the updated coms suite and chaff/flare launchers.

All coment and crits welcomed with open arms as always!

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Hi All!

Have been a little side tracked this last week. But have gotten a little building in tonite :)

1. To the left you can see the new larger air scoops for the F404 engine. Wings with their over wing launchers, ADEN cannon pack and the fuselage itself. I'm done with fairing in the enlgared hump extension :)

2. The load out, 2 gasbags, 2 AIM-120 AMRAAMS and 2 AIM-9M 'Winders. A2A all the way :P

3. Got the fuselage doors installed and made good, you can now see the fit with the scratch built JHM Door-o-matic(tm) wing doors. Looks good enough to me!

4. Couldn't resist loading her up and zooming around the lounge with her :D

5. Here you can see where I intend to install the new scoops:

As always comments and crits are most welcome :D

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Bryan H.

She looks fast!  :thumbsup:  It's not too hard to imagine her roaring across the veld!  The armament & F404 are great!  :wub:

:cheers: Bryan

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Well chipped a litt more away on this build :)

1. Picked up my freshly printed SAAF "Cookie Cutters" courtesy of Mav Decals, hmmm I need 4 for this build but there's 10 wonder whats coming next :D

2. I've installed the wings, new engine and avionics scoops, the IFR probe and ECM blisters underneath the wings

3. And a closer look :) Nearly time for paint!

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HA! Building is complete! WooHoo! After my earlier setbacks she is as of tonite ready for the paint shop. Not seen in the pics are the weapons and gasbags she'll be carrying.

1. Gun pod added. Due to the difference in shape between the MiG and your average Hawk I've needed to fill in the sides with my clear drying glue.

2. Changes the tube on the Aden-ish pod for something a little more detailed :)

3. Here you can see something else i'm trying, clear part masking with some prestick for those difficult curves...lets see if it works! Also another shot of the new AVulc pod :)

As always comments and critiques welcome!

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Hi all!!!

Got up bright and early today to start painting my SAAF MiG.

1. Over all shots, note unlike the profile I've gone for a larger 3sqn badge rather than the 2sqn badge as depicted. I've also brought the darker colour up onto the fin too:

2. Weapons and pylons:

ps. yes I did paint that set of fins on the AIM-120 after seeing the pic :P

3. Close up of the Sqn badge and "cookie cutter"

Here I forgot I was using a decal sheet with a continuous surface so the first flag's clear film is HUGE, don't want to change it now 'cause I know I'll screw up!!

4. A/c number:

Now for the gripes: Gloss surface? YES
                             Mirco Sol/Micro Set? YES
                             Silvered Academy decals? YES

I don't know what it is but Academy making shockingly bad decals, seriously folks nice kits but for the love of Krom please print better decals!!!

Well now its just a touch of weathering and a matt coat to seal all the goodness in :)

Crits and comments always welcomed!!


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