Vietnam FAC Winjeel

Started by K5054NZ, July 20, 2008, 05:12:07 PM

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Hi all!

Please find attached some photos of my model of a CAC CA-25 Winjeel trainer, used for FAC missions in Vietnam. This scheme is currently worn by VH-WNJ owned by Les Beehan, Victoria. I hope you enjoy it :).

It has a place of honour on my DVD/bookshelf in my lounge:

Kit is the Matchbox 1:72 Provost with an Airfix Beaufighter cowl and Academy T-6G prop, along with a fair amount of surgery to make it slightly resemble the much-loved "Ginweel". The type was discussed for Vietnam FAC but never actually made it to southeast Asia, instead being used as an RAAF trainer


>I hope you enjoy it<

I most Certainly Do!
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Good to know the kits made it to you safely.  :thumbsup:
Can you build them any faster???  :blink:


 ;D Thanks Sequoia! I aim to please.

Haha thanks Tony - I have in the past! This baby was ready for paint about two days after I received it, but I waited until yesterday to get it done. Needed to decide on a scheme. Not *exactly* a Winjeel, but close enough for my liking....can't really justify the High Planes short-run CA-25 kit, so bashing an MB kit is fine!


Couldn't wait for the Trainers with Teeth GB huh.

Looks good Zac.
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 :huh: Sorry, musta missed that one! And we all know I NEVER finish Whif GB models in time!.....or at all  :blink:

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:wub: i likey  :wub:

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Quote from: K5054NZ on July 21, 2008, 08:14:21 PMAnd we all know I NEVER finish Whif GB models in time!.....or at all  :blink:

:thumbsup: Theres always space for refinement, as you have shown with your Zac Yac :thumbsup: