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Started by elmayerle, December 16, 2003, 05:03:16 PM

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F-111 Experimental Camouflage Gallery  by Carlo Kapp has some very interesting ideas for camouflaging the F-111C.  These would be equally applicable to TSR2 variants for some "interesting" models.
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Well Lazlo has built a couple of Oz TSR-2's already so maybe gary will try one of these scheme. Only trouble is will he do it to a 1/72 version or his smaller 1/300 editions. Then again he may apply one of these schemes to a an F-111 it he feels like trying one of those Italeri kits again !!!!.

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Some great looking schemes there.
How about on a RAF "Black Mamba"....that's the Su-27 family, by the way.
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Hi All,

Newbie Aussie here.

Serious 'What Iffer' to boot.
This site rocks!

Given me waaaaay too much to consider and design now!

Love the Post WW2 stuff....


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Welcome aboard mate!

Where you from?  We gotta couple of aussies lurk around here (Sisko & Peter Hobbins) and I used to live there.
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Hi John,
Welcome to the best bunch of nutters on the net.....What areas of post WW2 are you into??  Any ideas you got, throw  'em in.
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Hey Johnny Iceman ! Welcome to the show ! Pull up a chair...........and show us some of your work !

Or at least share some ideas with us ^_^

Really cool site about the 111......love the alt. camo schemes ! Thanks Ev !

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