Super Quick Survey for He100 options

Started by philp, July 10, 2008, 12:33:54 PM

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Which version would you rather see?

5 (38.5%)
1 (7.7%)
Russian (ala Mig 3 Winter scheme)
3 (23.1%)
North Korean 1950
2 (15.4%)
Israeli 1948
4 (30.8%)

Total Members Voted: 13

Voting closed: July 12, 2008, 12:33:54 PM


OK all, my He100 is in white primer right now and the timer is running out on the GB and I still can't make up my mind how to paint it.

The Swiss option was my first but would have to mask the markings.
I have decals for a Slovak one done either in 70/71 splinter or just 71 uppers.
Since the Russians took 6 of the prototypes, one in the white winter scheme with the red wing tops would look cool.
North Korea, overall light grey like the Yak 9 or Green/blue like the IL-10
Israeli (still not sure how they got there) in the grey scheme worn by the Avia 199s.

You can vote several times as I will be puttying tonight and painting tomorrow.

So, vote often, vote quick and please put comments on specific schemes.
Phil Peterson

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I voted Swiss, just because I think it would look great.
So I got that going for me...which is nice....


I voted Israeli, just because I think it would look great.


Phil Peterson

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Slovak! (Czech would work for me too, but it's not an option!)


I voted North Korean, just to annoy everybody else.....
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59 views and 11 votes. 

The Israeli one is leading but probably the one I won't model because I already did this scheme on my S92(Me262) and having 2 different whiffs in the same scheme is just wrong in my opinion.  Sorry for those voting.

The Swiss scheme is in 2nd and the one I originally planned on doing so I guess I better start figuring out how to mask those markings...
Phil Peterson

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Brian da Basher

If you've got W.W. II Luftwaffe markings, see if you've got any of the white cross outlines. You could piece these together on top of the red Swiss panels and then paint over the crosses with white to brighten them. This would be my (low-budget) approach.

Brian da Basher


I completely missed this thread, but I'd have voted Israeli.
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Thanks for all the input guys.

Looks like I am not going to get this done in time.  Going to do it Swiss but my German colors have dried up and no hobby shops open on Sunday in Utah. :unsure:

Maybe Mav can do me a quick profile in this scheme and I can count it toward the Profile GB. :thumbsup:
Phil Peterson

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