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Started by Gary, July 10, 2008, 04:14:14 AM

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Well, I am impressed in the advances in medicine. I had a tummy hernia repair done yesterday and was up walking about an hour after the surgery. I am cut open from belly button to sternum and a mesh placed in as this was the third time that this incision was repaired, yet I feel great. The last time I had this hernia repaired I was in hospital for a week and still felt like crap for a week afterwards.
Best of all, I may be able to finish the 1 week build!
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I truss you'll be feeling better soon...

Sorry, someone had to say it.  That'll be me coat over there.
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Quote from: nev on July 10, 2008, 05:24:06 AM
I truss you'll be feeling better soon...

Sorry, someone had to say it.  That'll be me coat over there.

now, that wasn't nice ! Funny, yes...

Yeah, modern outpatient surgery is amazing. Glad to hear everything went well, and you should be feeling better quickly !


Well as the vivisectionists are going to hack up my right knee next Monday this makes me feel much better ;D Glad you are doing well :thumbsup:
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glad to hear that you are ok.

so how's the modelling doing now!? or is that a silly question to ask?

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i hope you make a quick complete recovery, its amazing that you can complete a 1week GB so soon after surgery  :o
my father had a similar operation a few years back and he had to stay in hospital for over a week.
isnt modern medicine amazing  :rolleyes:
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The cynic in me often wonders how many out patient surgeries are insurance company driven (especially here in the US), but in your case it sounds great!    :thumbsup:

Presumably you are on some pretty good pain meds, so I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the One Weeker!!  ;D
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Quote from: Gary on July 10, 2008, 04:14:14 AM
was up walking about an hour after the surgery

What ? Couldn't find anybody else to go to the fridge and grab you that beer ?

Glad to hear all went well, gary !

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Best wishes for your continued recovery, Gary! It's great you're already back at the bench!
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Glad to hear you're doing fine Gary. Modern surgery can do miracles.

A speedy recovery and good luck on your build

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Glad to hear you're up and runnin' again, Gary!! :thumbsup:

I look forward to your 1WGB entry, specially if you're loaded with with medication!! :drink: :blink: :bow:


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Glad to hear everything's okay Gary, didn't even know you were going in. Now belly up to the bar, but don't bust a gut laughing at the jokes because we couldn't stomach it.
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Gary, glad things went well. Be very thankful your Doc wasn't a what-If fan or you might be sporting a new set of jugs  ;D

Don't over do it, don't want to hear your going in for round four because you thought you were superman!
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Thanks to all, but you're not gonna believe this. About 2 hours after I made the post about my surgery, I asked my son to drive me to Wallmart to get some Rubbermaid containers for my books. We were at a red light and a guy in a jeep slammed into the back of us. My son was fine but I was pretty torn up. Something about blood pooling beneath the surgical site as a result of torn blood vessels in an already torn open area. My shoulder and neck are a mess too because I could hear him sliding and I turned to see what was happening behind us. Got home at midnight.

I am seriously stoned from the new meds I am on. Waaaay more powerful than Tylenol 3's. Poor fuzzy bunny in the jeep felt awful and called last night to see if I was OK. He felt really badly about it. No real damage so frig insurance and such. Maybe I should make him buy me a new airbrush!

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 :o  Well, I'd say stay in bed but there is always the option of a freak meteor strike  :banghead:  Glad your OK! Maybe you need one of these  :tank: to commute in.
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