Basic MiG-23k camo done!!!

Started by raymond, December 16, 2003, 10:03:59 AM

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greetings comrades!

well its taken 4 days since priming, but ive got the basic camo's done!!!!   :D  

still got lots of paint work to do, but everythings the basic colour its ment to be

the bad news is: the paint did thicken up in places, but the good news it that this happned on the underside of the aircraft, where it cant be seen, and all the topside detail stayed intact!!!!!!!( u cant see it from the scans, and needs to be highlighted!)

anyway heres the scheme, the hardest part of this kit is now over!!!!!!!!

good day

Comrade Ramonov

and the underside

i jsut need to find a good weathering technique for raised panels to bring out the detail


That's excellent Comrade!  I can't wait to see it roar off the deck of one of our mighty carries!

:lol:  ;)  :wub:  


Comrade Ramonov, your Mig-23K is truly a fine looking aircraft showing superior socialist engineering as well as superior socialist colour schemes.  Comrade Stalin would be pleased.
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Comrade General Ramonovich Sergeiev.

Your progress with the MiG23K project is truely magnificent. Your workers are an inspiration to our Socialist Cause world wide. Once operational, this magnificent achievement will truely cause western imperialist running dogs quake with fear when they see these commanding the skies above the oceans of the world.


COmrade Colonel Lancerov - GRU
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a marvellous achievement indeed - but soured by the fact that inferior capitalist western paint attempted to once again disrupt the marxist-leninist production line of this magnificent aircraft!

our comrades at the yakovlev okb will be alarmed at the way that progress is being maintained with this project - their "forger" may not now get the orders that it was promised....nonetheless, the soviet people will benefit from having their interests protected by this fine aircraft.

onwards comrade, to future victories!

comrade retrovitch_seventski
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greetings comrads!

thanks for the kind comments, ill keep you posted ( with scans) as progress progress's :lol: (geat socialist english there!)

i am currenty tied up with affairs of state at the moment, but plan to see that work is restarted on the weekend!


Comrade Ramonov


Excellent work Tovaritch ramonov! as those detestible imperilist would say " SWEET!" ;)  <_<

Ves B)  
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- Bud S.


greetings comrades

here are some more pics :D

its looking like a single seat fencer now


comrade ramonov


I know I'm just a newb, browsing this forum, and I can't model or kit-bash worth a damn, you guys are very creative. So much so that whenI saw this flogger I had to use it for my own little project. If any of you are familiar with the game Civilization3, there is a large community that adds their own touches to graphics... I make ships and planes for it. And here is one of the newest ones.
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Captain Canada

Hey Worm !

Sweet....from that angle, looks like it could be a tandem two-seater !

And I love the weapon load-out :wub:

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

Long Live the Commonwealth !!!
Vive les Canadiens !
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hey worm

thanks for the kind words :D , that looks really ausome! B)  :D  :cheers:
do you have a link to download it? i might jsut get civilisation 3 just for this!  :lol:  :lol:

cheers, feel free to post ingame screens of the mighty 23k doing its thing!



Thank you..
There was also a modern rebuild of the IJN Shinano in another thread. I was inspired by that as well.


This is a link to the forum that I post all my stuff on. Unfortunately you must register in order to view or download files. It's free. This was done because of bandwidth leaching from other sites.

I'd like to post a screen shot but the file is too large to post here.

Here is the CVB-45 Okinawa.  If any of you gents actually play the game, I have made hundreds of acurate modern vehicles for it, mostly planes and ships.
Likes to re-invent the wheel

John Howling Mouse

Most admirable, Tvarisch.
I've really got to start perusing this thread more often.
Raised panel line weathering?????  That's a good one.  Some people undercoat their raisned panel line models in charcoal grey, then paint their scheme and very lightly sand the final coat down with an emery fingernail board but it's too late for that on yours now that you've done the paint scheme so well.

I'm guessing it is a matte finish you've achieved at this point so:

Using a 2H pencil with a sharp-sharp tip, could you actually faintly draw the lines adjacent to the raised panel lines?  You can keep the pencil tip ultra-sharp by rolling it at the appropriate (low) angle in little circles on a flat piece of very fine (i.e. 400 grit) sandpaper.

Just a thought.
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