Finished my new paint booth

Started by BlackOps, June 29, 2008, 09:03:32 PM

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Today I made a new LOW BUDGET paint booth. I mean REAL LOW BUDGET  ;D  OK so it's just a cardboard box with some paper clips in it but it works great. It doesn't have an exhaust fan because I'm not opening a window when it's 100 degrees outside. Besides I use acrylics and wear a mask when I airbrush anyway.

The paper clip hooks are something new my old paintbooth didn't have  :rolleyes:

Love this whole low tech thing  :thumbsup:
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Captain Canada

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John Howling Mouse

Now, if you could just give it some sort of steampunk treatment!   :thumbsup:
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Even if you don't vent to the outside, a fan is worthwhile. Put a filter in front of the fan, and it'll pick up all the paint particles that would otherwise stay airborne and end up all over the room.


Everyone knows old-tech is the most reliable. . .

Beats the crap out of my spray booth.   Oh, yeah, what spray booth?  Black fingers and black lung, I sez.


You got coffee to spurt out of my girlfriend's nose. She's seen my drawings and when she saw your booth she burst out laughing. Mind you, that got me to actually finish my booth, but I still liked the chuckle.
Thanks Mate!
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Barry, maybe I could line it with aluminum foil for that suedo steampunk feel  ;D

Gary, glad I could be of service, always nice to make a female smile...ummm even if it does include shooting coffee out her nose   :thumbsup:  Glad ya finished your spraybooth too  :party:
Jeff G.
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