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Started by van883, June 28, 2008, 03:38:09 AM

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I can't seem to find inspiration for any whifs ...I am not really into the really crazy fantasy kitbashes and prefer something that looks feasible. Hopefully something will emerge from the corner of my mind



An F-20 in Aggressor colors/mkgs never fails. . . .

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Go look at the Profiles threads or Galleries . ;D There are real aircraft there in just about any form of markings you could ask for. :wub: :wub: :wub:
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Myabe start a real-world build instead.  It seems like every time I start a RW build once things start going together the whif-genie pops up and starts whispering about how it would look good in some other markings.
So I got that going for me...which is nice....


Maybe look at some of the real world alternate designs offered for competitions - e.g. this one: http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,14886.0

All you really need to do is change the markings - if you want help with history, details or backstories, just PM me.


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Not all kitbashes are really crazy. For instance, I'm contemplating making a Northrop N-300. This was a projected, but never-built, F-5E variant with a shoulder wing and fuselage-mounted u/c. It's begging to be kitbashed from a stock F-5E, but it's perfectly credible. In fact, you could paint it in the colours of a real F-5E operator and then watch people's faces as they try to figure out what's different about it.... :wacko:

There are lots of other subtle kitbashes possible: after all, manufacturers play mix-and-match too...

Another possibility: take an experimental type and make it operational. I've seen quite a few Fairey FD-2s on ebay: give it a proper canopy, a radar nose and a couple of Red Tops.....
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I will run into the same blocks with some of my illustrations and have had that happen when I had a dedicated modeling space pre-Chicklets. Like you, I tend to prefer "feasible" whifs and have found that taking something real and extending timelines of service back or front are easy approaches that can get the ball rolling again.

For example, take an F-101B Voodoo and imagine if it soldiered on a little longer with the USAF or the CAF- low-viz gray for the CAF bird or Compass Ghost for the USAF one.

Or go backwards- take a plane and imagine it entering service a bit earlier- like a C-17 in MAC white top colors.

Alternatively, instead of moving the plane through history, move its colors. An A-10 in SE Asia camo had those colors been kept around a bit longer. Or have such colors being introduced earlier, like an JASDF Starfighter in the two tone blue colors of the F-2.

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Here's some simple ideas too if you'd like:

X-dark Sea Grey over Sky looks good on almost everything
Med Sea Grey and Br. Slate Grey over white do too....how about a Tamiya P-47 getting that?
Overall RLM 02 brings out the lines of virtually any aircraft and likely there is a favorite shape in the stash.

Red fuselage, clear doped linen wings for colors irrespective of aircraft materials used for building the machine.

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This afternoon I was thinking about how a fatherland 64 stuka could look like. Mi impression is an A-10 with Me 410 or canberra nose, and clipped stuka wings. Add appropiate markings and that´s it. LOTS of rockets and bombs of course...

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Quote from: Sentinel Chicken on June 29, 2008, 07:29:29 AM

For example, take an F-101B Voodoo and imagine if it soldiered on a little longer with the USAF or the CAF- low-viz gray for the CAF bird or Compass Ghost for the USAF one.

Yeah, like this:

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thanks for all the encouragement-I'll start something soon. Perhaps even have another bash at the P.1216.
Strangely I haven't had any real world modelling issues.




How about starting with something simple, one of the new Olimp Gnat Mk.1's in RAF camo?  Early in silver dope with Firestreak (or even Fireflash), middle in camo with Red Top or late in greys with Sidewinders?

HS.125 in tactical scheme, maybe with D-Day anniversary stripes?

If your looking a bit of conversion work to get your teeth into, how about a jet version of the XF5U-1 Flying Pancake, there has been a pic flying about.  Or maybe a Westland P.12 version of the Lysander, there are conversion kits available.
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