Hit a modelling brick wall - need some help to break through

Started by lancer, June 24, 2008, 07:42:29 AM

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As the title says, I've hit a pretty major brick wall on my latest project and I need some ideas on how to proceed.
Basically, I am at the decalling stages og my latest RAF100 build, but every time I go to continue with it and start the decalling I sort of freeze up at the amoutn of stencil data that has to go on and I end up fiddling around with it for a bit and then putting it al away with nothing done. The really annoying thing is that this build is one of the major builds I wantt to contribute to the display. At the rate I am going It will still be waiting to be finished the might before the show, either that or getting binned!!
So anyu ideas on how to proceed will be gratefully received.
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As Procastinator General, I can think of a few ways Lance!

Firstly, try & picture how it'll look with them on.  That might spur you on a bit, when you realise the improvement on how it'll look with them rather than without.

Secondly, set your self little tasks, i.e., get all the 'No Step' decals on by the end of tonight.  Don't worry too much if you miss a deadline, just pick it up again.

Thirdly, & probably most importantly, bite the bullet & start.  Pick up those scissors & forceps & put the first decal on.  More will follow quite quickly & don't worry if don't get them all done in one go.
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Break it up into small batches, start with the major stuff (roundels, serials), then do a few stencils each day until you're finished.

Captain Canada

Pretty much just like the boys said, Lance.....cut out a small amount of stencils and say to yourself " I'm just gonna do these "

I'd start around the nose....and once you see how the little details bring her to life, you'll want to see it all done !

Good luck !

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Mike Wren

I'm with the Wooksta, eaither leave them all off or just put on a few of the most visible ones (i.e. the top of the wings), just enough to keep it busy looking

Sentinel Chicken

I hate stencils. I use only the most obvious ones, the smaller ones I just pen 'em in with a fine point technical pen.

Then again, all of what I've built is 1/144 scale and there's not much stenciling at that scale worth doing.

Daryl J.

Agreed!    Simple is better; no stencils.   

Daryl J.


I agree, if its not really obvious leave the stencils off.


Jeff G.
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I'd say:

Put the main markings on first.
Relax with a beer or whatever for a night.
Put on any stencils you feel happy with, I just put them on mine where I feel like it.
After all, it's a whiff.
Obviously certain ones need to be in reasonable places (Ejection seat warning triangles) but don't get hung up on it. Somewhere "around" the cockpit is enough.
No rush.
Just get it done by November!
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Bit late but I'm in the Wook's/Mike camp just put the main stencils on. I've seen a lot of 1/72 modern aircraft ruined in my opinion by having far to many stencils on them, especially for some reason Japanese F.15's ?
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I go by what I can see in pictures of the real thing. If I can't see it in a picture of the real thing, it ain't going on the model. I extend that to wiff builds too, what's most likely to be seen if it was real?

ejection triangles, walkways, exhaust and intake warning stencils, prop manufacturer markings, no step marks, APU related markings. That's about it.

My feeling is that most of the stencil markings are overscaled anyway just so you'll be impressed by the legibility of them.

I recall the big commotion about the decal sheet in RoG's 1/32 Hunter when it first came out. A huge sheet with a ton of stencils. Then  look at a picture of an actual Hunter, how many stencils do you actually see? Very few, they didn't put many on Hunters, just the bare essentials. That decal sheet was a big waste of paper and ink that could have been sufficient at half its size and content.
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Quote from: NARSES2 on June 26, 2008, 02:30:52 AM
I've seen a lot of 1/72 modern aircraft ruined in my opinion by having far to many stencils on them, especially for some reason Japanese F.15's ?

:huh: For some reason I see japanese stencils, very difficult  ;D :wacko: :huh:
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