Modern German aircraft carrier "Hamburg"

Started by YouLiveSee, June 23, 2008, 04:05:14 PM

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Here is modern German "Hamburg" aircraft carrier. Landing deck at angle, 3 arrest wires, one catapult, two long range radars, control tower, hangar under deck with elevator, vertical launchers for various missiles and loading crane and emergency helicopter landing spot at front side.
  The kit is Revell German research vessel "Meteor", deck is some balsa wood I had left, tough little damaged, radar domes are spherical wooden drawer handles.


..oh yeah, I forgot.. the helicopter is supposed to be some modern ASW type like EH101 but all I had at hand for this model was old Super Frelon from some French helicopter carrier Heller kit. Regarding the bright blue camo paint.. I know, I know, ..it's too bright but that's what I had left from other plane kits I was building.

Edit: ..again forgot.. you'll never guess what are 3 tiny red toroidal rescue belts below the command deck.. Answer: precisely cut with small knife tops of plastic medical and lab injections purchased at pharmacy shop.


Interesting!  :thumbsup:

I think the radomes are a touch big, but the effect is cool. Maybe some little aerials or antennae to detail them? (Look at the SAMPSON radar on the Royal Navy's Type 45 destroyers for an example) A couple of CIWS systems as well - maybe one on the forward superstructure, and another on a sponson at the stern?

I think it's a neat little ship - now you need a couple of RATO Skyhawks or something to stick on the deck! Something small and light to be able to land on the short deck. :mellow:
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Here is the original "Meteor" ship in real life:


Now, ..can anyone imagine landing a fighter jet on a ship of this size?  -_-

Some tough training and skill would be needed  :ph34r:



A real work of art and imagination, YouLiveSee!!! :bow: :thumbsup:

As for what kinds of craft to deploy from that ship, I would propose UCAVs, or other smaller choppers.

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OK, I know I can't stop scratchbuilding. Someday, I will build something OOB....



Believe it or not, as for air wing/regiment for this carrier, I first tought of German X-31 because it can use thrust vectoring for high nose-up angle at landing and low speed - check X-31 videos at YouTube.


Here is a photo of control tower of "Meteor", in real life used by rear crane operator,  ..just to give some idea of size and height if such ship would be turned into aircraft carrier:



wow, now thats a daring conversion, my hat goes of to you for making this fantastic model  :thumbsup:
just wondering, what scale is it?

btw, welcome to the assylum.........i mean forums  :cheers:
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1/300 Revell kit


In real life about 100m long, so the landing strip would be 50-60m.

Edit: ..and catapult about 40m. Catching the last 3rd cable at landing means you'd have some 25m left to full stop - tricky  -_-


All right, another ship builder! Welcome aboard, matey!

In want of hobby space!  The kitchen table is never stable.  Still managing to get some building done.

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Very innovative.  Nice job all around.  You might have just inspired me to get into navel, er, naval subjects!
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HEY, that´s way cool!, I miss a couple of JSFs...


I've now put it behind the glass of my small home-museum with other models.

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Awesome ! What a beauty. Love what you've done to the bridge as well as the rear deck. It would look alot better if you could grab some more a/c for the back of her, tho.....

Any more ships on the horizon ?

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Neat conversion ! The Revell Meteor kit is one of my fav's for whatiffing.