Not Just Things with Wings: Other forms of Wiffing....A Challenge

Started by Overkiller, June 22, 2008, 01:49:51 PM

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Daryl J.

*Everything*  is open for whiffery.   :wub: :wub: :wub:     You are spot on methinks.   Has everyone here seen images of Hayao Miyazaki's ''Bad Guy'' tank?   

Personally I'd love to whiff a steam locomotive circa 1870 and have a Glencoe 1/48 Coast Guard boat on order to whiff.     The Kubelwagen and VW Bug from Tamiya are great 1/48 inexpensive whiff bases too.    After having seen Around the World in 80 Days with Jackie Chan and a bit of The Golden Compass, carriages and wagons certainly look good when artistically revised.    Model Expo (?) [Model Shipways perchance??] have relatively simple schooners that can get the whiffworks too.    Think 1790 privateer meets carbon fibre, the prohibition, and the internet all in one package.     Solar powered high speed runabouts on Lake Washington with little hydrofoils to make them more efficient in water.   

What about buildings?

Personally I'd be conceptually bankrupt if asked to whiff the Tirpitz, the USS Arizona, or HMS Ark Royal but someone here likely could do a stunning job.

Somehow, ground based whiffery seems to have a larger potential than flying machines do. 

Daryl J.



I'm currently building a what-if truck. There are loads of car and truck concepts that have never been built (or just a prototype), the only problem is that building a car body is difficult, with all the curved shapes. I've thought about building one of the cars from the Michel Vaillant comic, but the amount of work involved puts me off.

Ships may be easier. Especially in the smaller scales (1:700), kitbashing should be doable.


You missed a major catagory.... these

All these are in my stash right now ;D :wub:
Oh also these

You can do great work with felines once you get them to stop wrigglin around ;D ;D
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Quote from: sotoolslinger on June 22, 2008, 03:26:40 PM
You missed a major catagory.... these
A good friend of mine built Decker's pistol from Blade Runner several years ago, very impressive replica and he went a step further and procured some of the 1/35th scale Tamiya turned aluminum Sturm Tiger rocket projectiles to display with the pistol to represent the smart bullets.  It was built on commission so it went away shortly after he finished it but that is one of the few movie props that I really appreciate. 
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Whiff London Underground trains?  ;D

Seriously - for any London Whiffers the book "Underground Movement" has several never-weres, including the Green Train (Central Line concept), which I've actually seen IRL. (And yes, I did imagine my Whiff commute to my Whiff office in my Whiff train.)


[Edit:  I've just realised I can go one more boring - whiff escalators! My local tube station was the site of a short lived (a day at most, it is thought) experimental helical (spiral) escalator. All that is left is the shaft (soon to be more lifts) and some chunks of metal "stuff" in Acton Depot - to this day no-one is sure how the thing was supposed to work.]
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LSR GB, LSR GB, wha, ah, sorry.

Lets see, what have I seen whiffed.

Greg has already done a hydrofoil eboat, a pink sub (ok, a whiff of a whiff), a whiff t-rex.

There was a Iowa battleship turned into an assault carrier at the US Nats one year.

Most autos can be whiffed either as your personal racer or how you would pimp your ride if you could afford it.

We have a Saucer GB going on.  OK, still flying things but...

There is a thread for Whiff Zeppelin carriers etc.

Most Sci Fi is whiff unless you are trying to reproduce a movie replica (which is still a whiff).

So, while not a popular as the aircraft or even some of the armor here, there are plenty of ideas.

Oh, yeah, did I mention the LSR GB!!
Phil Peterson

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Heres my ongoing train whiff

It's a post apocyliptic nuclear powered garett (the train equivalent of a zwilling :wacko:) type conversion of two exhisiting conventional steam engines. you will also notice the wheels (landing gear) have covers (spats) :party:

I have also pimped a few cars with ridiculous body kits (Ford escort cosworth rally car front to merc SLK) but i never completed them.


Quote from: sotoolslinger on June 22, 2008, 03:26:40 PM
You missed a major catagory.... these

Sorry Sotoolslinger, but once you enter the nice and cosy Europe, you get punished for having guns :bow:

Mike Wren

how about buses...? my best mate collects them so I make him daft what if buses for his birthday...

(can't seem to directly link pics)

RUC riot bus


double deck HK bendybus


Hong Kong-style 3-axle West Mids


chav rude-boy bus (work in progress)


tank bus



those busses are awesome. I especially like the boxes with the backsory and warnings :cheers:


A while back(Many years ago) I was a avid gamer and used to play "Car Wars" and "Shadowrun" bolth of which had rules for tweaking and arming cars heck I actioally build an armed and armoured bolth a Charger and a Porche (I cant remember what type I just remember it wasn't a 911) that would be a fun whiff scenario or even a
GB woulden't it???
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I also played Car Wars and have wanted to build a model of a vehicle from that game.
Just never decided if I wanted to take a stock car kit and then arm and armor it up or build a car as if it was specifically designed for combat.
Other problem I have had is that most car kits are 1/24th where most armor (ie guns) are in 1/35th.  I have seen a few 1/32nd autos and have thought about them but that is as far as I ever got.
I think a Car Wars GB would be awesome, many and "Unofficial" GB.
Phil Peterson

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I nearly built a Car Wars car: there was a published scenario featuring a Lambourghini with a gatling gun on the side, and lo and behold, I was given a big-scale (can't recall what, exactly) Lockheed F-104 with a detailed Vulcan in it. I've still got the Lambo I bought for the job, but unfortunately, the Vulcan went back in the Starfighter box to make it sellable in the Great Disposal.....

Still got LOADS of Car Wars stuff - fantastic game.....
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Daleks :dalek:

Boats :lol:

I like the idea of buses....must find my bendy bus...it's to be an SS one :wacko:

Steam trains....make your own armoured version

tanks, of course, and armoured cars.

Why not create your own fighting weapon using vehicles (ie lorries, vans, etc.,) and aa guns.

Armed motor cycles? :wacko:

Figures? Create your "own" regimental figure using an appropriate style, but your own colours. For example, I have a 1/16th kit of a French Musketeer, but I'm putting my own colours onto the uniform and "inventing" a regiment. Watch the experts ponder that one!! :wub:
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