I'm gonna cry (Disaster on "Panzer's flightline")

Started by PanzerWulff, June 13, 2008, 09:24:03 PM

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while unpacking some of my models after last april's move i found disaster waiting in one box. Bad enough was the landing gear damage to my 1 week GB FAA Suez Panther,But then to find my Babies the 2 kits that brought me to the forum. The "Kaizoku" IJN Corsair it's spinner broken away and 2 prop blades missing and nowhere to be found.and my "A-10 Warzenschwein" It's ordinance scattered about,landing gear utterly smashed beyond repair,and the mighty noze 75mm missing completely.I wanted to cry,I hope to get the Panther and Kaizoku repaired somehow but I doubt I can make repairs to the Warzenschwein without canabalizing a new A-10 kit and stug I'll keep ya all informed on repairs as they happen

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You've now experienced every modeller's deepest fear Panzer. I'm sad along with you and I hope that you'll find a way to repair the damage. No matter how bleak the outlook is for your A-10, I'd keep it around as you never know what use it may have down the road.

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the big bummer was that the A-10 and the Corsair were being pulled out for a modeling contest at my LHS this weekend Se La Vie :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
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Show us some pictures of the damage plz...

Dont worry Panzer, it cant be that bad. Ive repaired countless of my models from these kinds of damages. Youll learn how to repair them soon! :thumbsup:

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my sympathy panzer.

i had a disaster like this 3 years ago.

hmm, as it happens i was new on ARC at the time and if i can'll post the linky
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Commiserations Panzer  >:(

On the other hand, broken kit bits are as much an opportunity as a tragedy....... :wacko:
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It's a bummer.
I sat on 4 x MiG-3s which WAS a bummer.
Always look for opportunities to buy more though. :wacko:
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What scale is the A-10? I might have a spare (*note to self: check stash*) that I'll gladly donate to the cause.

Shas 8)
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Shas the A-10 is the academy 1/72 "Iraqui Freedom" kit I have found all the ordinance (Except the gun) and figure the ordinance is the easy part the landing gear is KAPUT broken at the wheels and the legs broken in multiple locations with some parts of them missing.it looks like a complete replacement is the only option so my next A-10 is gonna be a "Gear up" bird Hmmmmm I wonder how an A-10 would look on Floats????
Thanks for the support guys
PS I'm still trying to find my dang camera  :banghead:lol
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If your gonna get rid of any crashed models, id gladly take them :thumbsup:


Been there ,done that. >:( I have faith in you . If you can build it , you can fix it.  :mellow:
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Always a sad thing when this happens. But you'll manage to repair them, I'm sure of that. For the A 1O, you can always try to repair it to a flying model, as you planned for your next build. That way you don't have to worry about lost pieces of the gear.

Good luck

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That is a bummer! :banghead: It's happened to me a few times as well. The positive side is super glue is very cheap. :lol: I hope you work it out and good luck.
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Been there mate.  A few of my models took a few knocks when we moved last year, but 95% of them were easily repairable, or I really didn't care.  My 1/48 F-15 took a bit of a battering, but its one of my earlier "adult" models, so I'm using it as an oppurtunity for a proper rebuild - already got the decals & resin bits for it  :thumbsup:

But worst of all was my big 1/32  :tornado: which old timers may remember the epic build thread from on the old website.  It was one of the last models out of the house, too big to fit in the model boxes, so the wife said she'd take it in her car.  It arrived at the new house minus gear, stores airbrakes......all sheared off  :banghead:

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