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Started by pyro-manic, June 12, 2008, 11:44:50 AM

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Here's my first "Whiff" project, an upgraded and modernised Hawker Hunter for use as a low-end ground attack aircraft. The idea is that a squadron of these GA.14s are used to ease the strain on the Harrier squadrons, providing support for ground troops deployed in various places around the world. I recently read that an Australian company is in possession of a large number of ex-Singapore AF Hunters, so I thought that the RAF could buy these cheaply, and upgrade them into useful light attack aircraft.

In order to make the Hunter an effective attack platform, several upgrades would be needed - these are increased fuel load, modern comms and targeting systems, and modern defensive systems (radar warning recievers, chaff/flare dispensers, etc). Cockpit upgrades will also be required to make it more pilot-friendly, and to allow control of the new weapons and systems that will be carried.

I am using the Revell 1:72 Hunter FGA.9/Mk.58 kit, which seems like a superb kit - goes together very well, nice parts breakdown, and several options allowing it to be built as either an RAF FGA.9, or the Swiss equivalent, the Mk.58. I'm using a combination of these parts, such as the extra pylons and long link collectors from the Mk.58, to build a customised RAF machine circa 2010. I'm also using a few bits from other kits and my bits box to represent additional equipment.

I have added a small turret-mounted FLIR/laser ranger-designator under the fuselage, and deleted the two starboard cannon to make room for the associated hardware. The turret is faired into the starboard link collector/chaff dispenser, and allows the GA.14 to lock on to targets in all weather conditions.

The GA.14 will be capable of carrying a wide array of weapons, including rocket pods, bombs, and air-to-ground missiles. I will be building it with CRV-7 rocket pods, and either two Mavericks or one Maverick and a LBG.

Now, onto the pictures.

General view:

Sensor turret and fairing:

This is just blue-tacked on at the moment, and I'll be blending the turret mount into the fairing with milliput. You can also see the deleted gun ports. The turret itself is part of the nose turret from a Eurocopter Tiger kit I had years and years ago. Works quite well I think. I initially thought about using the LANTIRN pods from an F-16 and putting them in place of both link collectors, but I tried it and it looked fugly.

View of the underside, with the large belly tank (from an F-16):

This tank was a very tight fit, and does not leave much ground clearance! I initially tried making one by joining the two small wing tanks from the kit into one long one, but I didn't like the way it looked. This one is better IMO. Again, it's just blue-tacked on for now.

Weapons fit:

This is how I'm planning to arm it at the moment. CRV-7 rocket pods inboard, then 230 gallon fuel tanks, then Mavericks. I may replace one of the Mavericks with a 500lb Paveway if I can get hold of one, or I may even scratch-build a set of Brimstone missiles to go on there instead. They look fairly simple, so I'll have a go and see how they look.

Anyway, that's about it so far. It'll need all sorts of antennae and blisters for the RWRs etc, and possibly some Sidewinder/ASRAAM rails for self-defence (not sure about that last one). Oh, I'll also be adding an IFR probe to the starboard side, coming "over the shoulder" and kinked out in front of the intake.

Comments, critiques, suggestions, scathing put-downs are all welcome. -_-
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I like your backstory reasoning, and your model is coming along very niceli indeed.

The possibility of using old airframes in an extended-life service is something that attracts me.

I really like the idea of a turreted sensor suite, and the location of yours is very cleverly selected, along with the use of the "Sabrina" (?) link collector as an afterbody. Maybe adding some bits here and there may help transform that pod's looks to something less akin to the original pod.

The weapons fit is superb, and for asimetry's sake, I vote for the LGB and Maverick. Maybe an overwing launch rail for Sidewinders?

Great entry, Pyro!!!

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I like the thought of over-wing missile rails! I'll have to make a couple and see what it looks like. As for colour schemes, I really haven't decided yet. I thought maybe the standard low-vis grey Harrier scheme (possibly with irregular contrasting panels, as seen on Tornados recently), but that might be a bit, well, dull. My other thought was some sort of African scheme - maybe for a deployment in Zimbabwe or some other hotspot? So a desert tan with brown. Something based on the WWII African schemes worn by Hurricanes etc. I really haven't thought about it enough yet! Maybe I'll do some profile type thingies with possible schemes...

Glad you like the sensor turret. Originally, I was going to rework the link collector into a fixed laser ranger/seeker type gadget, as seen on the Tornado, but it didn't come out very well, so I changed my mind. :rolleyes: I saw the system mounted on the A-6 Intruder, and decided to copy it. Plus it doesn't waste a pylon by using a TIALD pod or similar, leaving more space for weapons. :thumbsup:
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Very cool  :thumbsup: I also like upgrading old stuff and the quality of build is excellent. Plus I got big love for your weapons loadout :wub:
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Is there a better kit out there today than the RoG 1/72 Hunter?  Based on quality and price, I dont think so!

Looking forward to seeing your interpretation of an upgraded Hunter come together.   :thumbsup:
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For myself, I'd go back to the more faired FLIR system (from a drag perspective) of the Tonka's given that this is a 'fast jet'.  The TRAM turret on the A-6E is a spherical shape which tends to reduce the drag whereas helo-type turrets are invariably 'boxy', high-drag units.

Designation could be GA.14 (as in the Ground Attack part of FGA - Fighter Ground Attack). 

I like the idea of replacing the cannons on one side to handle it, as you say, frees up a pylon.

Have to agree with Rafa about an asymetric loadout, always looks cooler IMHO.

Nice to have a rework on the Hunter, definitely a sleek ship.

Rafa, btw "Sabrinas" (ie link collector fairings) are from a 60s idol of the same name who was rather well-endowed "up top".



Ian the Kiwi Herder

Nice idea 'Pyro', looking good so far, but d*mn it's going to need refueling half way into its' take-off run, with all that weight it's carrying.... maybe RATO bottles (from a passing Tamiya F-84) would give it a wee boost  :blink:

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Always loved the Hunter and this one looks great. Nice build and a great idea.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Small update on this. I've faired the FLIR turret mount in with milliput, and I've knocked up a quick-and-dirty IFR probe out of a bit of brass rod and a piece from a Harrier IFR probe. I've also started adding details like the pitot tube (glued the plastic one and then promptly broke it off, so replaced it with brass rod :banghead: ), and some random little aerials and blisters etc. Here's a couple of pics (awful quality - forgot the macro function) showing the IFR probe:

Next up, more antennae for the RWRs, datalink, etc, then time to decide about paint...
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That's coming along nicely.  She'll be ready for those GBUs any day now.
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Update time! This ship has been sitting on my desk gathering dust for a little while, so I thought I'd better do some more to it! Base colours of paint are on, and I now have to decide what else I'm going to do. I'm torn between some sort of splinter pattern, a variation on the old RAF green + grey ground attack camo, or something entirely different. This could be decided by the theatre, of course - is it supporting the Marines in Afghanistan, or helping a task force boot Mugabe out of Zimbabwe, or training in Norway? Any suggestions are most welcome. :)

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Brian da Basher

Looking good, pyro-maniac! I'd vote for a three tone desert scheme or splinter, but either way this Hunter's gonna look great!
Brian da Basher


Agree with Brian, desert would be great.  A three-tone green scheme for Zimbabwe would look good too though. 

It's coming along nicely, you can never have too many whif Hunters!  :thumbsup:
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Quote from: Maverick on June 12, 2008, 09:53:45 PM

Rafa, btw "Sabrinas" (ie link collector fairings) are from a 60s idol of the same name who was rather well-endowed "up top".

Almost Mav, Sabrina was famous in the 1950's and the 'Sabrina' nickname for the link collectors was used as soon as the Hunter adopted them.


I did some major work on this build over new year, so here are some photos.

I need to attach some more weapons, and find a suitable lo-vis fin flash, but apart from that it's finished! I managed to lose the belly tank, but I'm sure it will turn up at some point. :rolleyes: Some of the markings are from the kit, and others (the lo-vis stencils, roundels etc) are from the Revell Eurofighter. They worked quite well I thought. I went for "standard" modern RAF colours in the end, as this is supposed to be a "plausible" operational machine in the near future.

EDIT: Images should be working now.
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