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guilty as charged!

Started by Howard of Effingham, May 29, 2008, 03:54:47 AM

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Howard of Effingham

 ;D all my own work and guilty as charged, me'luds.  ;D


many thanks to our glorious leader and van883 for posting them from the milton keynes,
peterborough and cosford model shows earlier this year.  :bow: :thumbsup: :cheers: etc!  ;D

hope i have typed the links ok.

backstories and notes later, the one on the MIANG RF-4E is now near the end of the thread.

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Nice work Trev!
ps I posted the Hunter pic....


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Very, very nice HofE. :thumbsup: :wub: You are extremely British ;D
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Beauty ! Love the Vulcan but especially the Bitteren.....that thing is too cool ! What's it made from ?

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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Brian da Basher

That's some outstanding work, Trevor! You've got a very steady hand with the paintbrush! I know a certain Group Build Commisar who will just love that F-4!
Brian da Basher


Thanks for posting this, love seeing Royal Tomcats :wub:!! That Hunter is gorgeous!!

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Quote from: Taiidantomcat on May 29, 2008, 08:20:23 PM
Thanks for posting this, love seeing Royal Tomcats :wub:!! That Hunter is gorgeous!!


Seconded!!   :wub:  Love the Vulcan too!
So I got that going for me...which is nice....

Howard of Effingham

yeah and i do know who will like the MIANG RF-4E.  ;D

here's the story.

take one RoG RF-4E and make the following alterations.

you get the rear missile troughs on the RF kit as it shares the wing with the F kit. put these to one side. make
whole kit as per instructions and give it a light grey coat of primer.

then raid the styrene spares and decal spares boxes for the following.....

one SAM 1980's 'William Tell' decal sheet.
two AIM-7 [any variant will do]
two AIM-9D [its a long pointy 'winder and 9D is the wrong designation, but i'll check]

when primer is dry take your xtracolor FS6473 pot [ADC gray and a  :wub: shae o' gray] and apply suitable no.
of coats 'til you are happy. whilst doing this and waiting for paint to dry beer, tea and music is very relaxing, ;)

in fact while so you can work on the weapons! hmm, you cannot see them on the model but there are
two 'winder drill rounds and two sparrow shapes as ballast weights. these are painted a really dark shade of
humbrol dark blue all over and the 'winders are ali' colored forward of the front fins. use a hasegawa dual
'winder launch rail and also paint it ADC gray. cement [using PVA or elmers was a bad idea here] the launcher to
starboard inner wing pylon and PVA the winders on. the AIM-7's, cut fins off, remove any surface detail and paint
in same shade of blue as the 'winders. PVA these in the rear missile troughs.

i used some RAF low vis FGR2 stencils for this and the SAM decal sheet for the markings.

the port inner pylon has the round pod with the kit mounted a about t and ADC grayed as a 'baggage pod'

its the trusst me nose art!  ;D ;D i mean would you trust the what-if forum? ;)

opps! i knew i wasn't looking properly at the piccy. see the tiny red triangle just forward of the nozzle? you can
just make out the end of LH sparrow ballast round.

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Howard of Effingham

Quote from: van883 on May 29, 2008, 04:50:42 AM
Nice work Trev!
ps I posted the Hunter pic....

ah yes! i forgot. sorry! its a  :wub: kit that RoG F6.

btw that P1121 i sent you shots of will be finished in time for the coventry show in september.
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Howard of Effingham

Quote from: Martin H on May 29, 2008, 10:23:49 AM
eh trev...that BP 120 is one of Mike McEvoys mate.


entry amended accordingly, martin.
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Howard of Effingham

Quote from: sotoolslinger on May 29, 2008, 06:36:01 AM
Very, very nice HofE. :thumbsup: :wub: You are extremely British ;D

and you should see the CAF low vis ones too.....

theres a beaver, falcon and a eurocopter ec145 there.

i must display them again sometime.

thanks all for your kind words.

BdB! tamiya tape in 6mm and 10mm widths is essential stuff. couldn't have done the 92 sqn hunter F6 without
both widths. liquid masker is ok, but 10mm tamiya tape is surer against the occasional slip. when doing the decals
on the tail. the fin flash was on the model and drying when i put the marking letter at the top.  :angry: it looked
wrong. the letter  was lifted off with microsol and moved to the base and the fin flash went to the top of the
fin.. i would like a yellow colored letter smaller for the nwd, but no yellow one in the stash right size anywhere.
end result was much better.

AD! Wooksta! thanks. the second large whiff on the go is a wrapround camo'd HP victor B2. large kits are a bit of a toughie in a small abode, but as AD the kitchen sink comes with an excellent view of a/c on finals to coventry
airport when landing or on t/o there are some compensations. when i hemp'd the vulcan with xtracolors enamels
it was left in another room overnight to dry, the aroma was that strong! if you live in a flat these are things you
need to remember.
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Howard of Effingham

Quote from: The Wooksta! on May 29, 2008, 07:27:39 AM
Bugger, that's my planned Hemp Vulcan K4 down the pan...

wooksta! this is a vulcan B2R [with MR gear and blue water with conventional warhead] in 256 sqn markings. there
are wg/cdr pennants on the lower side of the nose and out of sight.

go rightahead with a K4

though i do have a  :tornado: ZD935 in hemp and 50 sqn markings with three tanks and a AAR pod,
which you haven't seen as yet.  :wacko: :ph34r: :wacko:
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I saw 'em, I loved 'em :wub: :wub: :wub:

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