Yakovlev Yak-141 Freestyle

Started by Deino, December 09, 2003, 01:42:51 AM

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There will be a Yak-141 from Anigrand in 1/72 in August !!!


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The Rapier and Blackhawk both look sweet as well :D


Finally, i know Heritage were thinking about one, and i've looked at doing Ken Duffeys conversion article, but a new kit will be very nice indeed. Their A12 Acvenger II that i picked up is a nice little model so hopefully the Yak-141 will be to the same standard.


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Yep, that Yak 141 surely does look sweet. That XF108 looks kinda nice as well.  
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I've one example of the Russian 1/72 vac-form and this one will definitely be welcome.  As will the XF-108 and XF-103.  I should mention that I do have the KR Models vac-forms of the latter two aircraft.  For those building that XF-108, the cockpits can be taken directly from Testor's YF-12A and the ejection capsules and wheels/tires cloned from the AMT XB-70.
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The S67 Blackhawk is the one I want.  Will go nice with the AH56 that I picked up at the Nats.  I've been wanting these two as kits for a long time.


QuoteThe S67 Blackhawk is the one I want

And typically 2 are projected for next year !!!! - Anigrad and Unicraft <_<  <_<  



Still, several look tempting to add to the kit stash...  :D  
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