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Started by Glenn, December 07, 2003, 06:17:54 PM

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Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, welcome to the 1968 AFV Grand Prix! As with last year, it took the interest of the public, even though it was a bit long. This 350km event is more of an endurance race than the fastest lap time.
Seen in this frame, the winner if last years' race, the beautiful Marlboro M-48, just as it overtook the JPS Chieftian tank, of the RAC.
More to follow, but we'll let the dust to settle first.

The model, 1/76th Midori, the dust, Adobe


Dear Lyn, what is the purpose of the long tube ahead of this tank, as I suppose it cannot be a gun sponsored by some civilian company advertising... Well, just a pipe to throw away the cigarette smoke ? Pleasant, very nice, I love it - even if veteran soldiers will hate such an idea, I fear...
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


Love the whole retro grand-prix thing  :wub:  
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Hey guys, that was done as a joke....back when I first joined this page, but.....imagine an F1 track, and a whole lot of WW1 tanks trundling along at 4MPH. Especially a Mk. 1 British tank with the wheels at the rear trying to turn on the 'S' bends.......if only?

PS....Maybe, an idea for 'TOP GEAR'!


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Love it.  We were going to do a Racing Tanks group build here, like a hundred years ago.  I remember buying some Formula-1 race-cars for the decals but never got round to building the tank I had in mind...
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OK, I'm catching on to the "racing tanks" mania, but we gotta have RULES, just like the SCCA (Sports Car Clubs of America). Just like race cars only LOOK like production autos, racing tanks would be lightened and made to APPEAR to be heavy clunks of armor. No fiberglass bodies, however. "We" would have to stipulate something like to run in this class the material in the front, sides and turrets must be "armored" enough to be able to defeat a .22 rifle (driver has to sit inside during the tests, to make it believable), but otherwise can be lightened and thinned to conserve weight. No pointing the gun barrel at other contestants, either. No "destruction derby" antics of deliberate physical intimidation. Red "stop lights" connected to the brakes mandatory. Pit stop crews may use cranes instead of jacks to lift the tanks up.

Hey, this is getting fun!  ;D :party: ;D
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