B-52 Build nite

Started by Alvis, December 02, 2003, 09:09:00 PM

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You've seen this before, the Conair WaterBomber variant of the BUFF, Using the Dragon 1:200 scale kit


Next, the LAPD Really Really Close Air Support Aircraft.
Used the 1:300 or so scale Academy B-52D


Using the same box scale teeny BUFFS, I made a high-speed Monorail....


One that I didn't do was the B-52 Reno Racer...I don't remember who did it, or what scale, or what kit is was... :(

(but it does looklike one of the 1:200 scale Dragon ones...)


Another one I didn't do was this beautifully executed 1:100 Tamiya D BUFF, in Israeli Defence Force markings...


I love the up&down double-double engine one... Incredible. :wub:  
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


And finally, the shamefully badly done, and quickly destroyed, USN Long Range DSRV Dropship....to think a beautiful 1:144 Monogram/Revell B-52H died to make this...monstrosity. Even I go too far sometimes... :(



QuoteNext, the LAPD Really Really Close Air Support Aircraft.
Used the 1:300 or so scale Academy B-52D
Sheesh!!! Don't give the LAPD ideas, they're bad enough now!

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Is there no end to the amazing products of your fertile (or is it futile?  :lol:  ) imagination Alvis?
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Just when you have a good idea for a model someone else jumps in and nicks you idea :( .........................nice Isreali Buff  ;)  B)  :P  
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Cool !

I really like the Isreali BUFF, as in, like to see a Palestinian rocket knock into a billion pieces !

Take that ! and That ! Ha !

And your Navy BUFF looks good...........you know what Dave Spivey sez !

They have a bunch of them over in the Etats Unis, at Meijer for about 12 bucks....going over on Friday night  ( wifeys work party= hot drunk nurses ! ) and will slide by and pick up some goodies ( hangover permitting ) before coming home on Saturday !

Cheers !
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I'll have to get me a cheapo Buff and do an Ekranoplan. Eight engines, kick donkey.


Finally found the last of the piccies...Eastern Airlines B-52-liner
Used the teeny Academy Buff