BAC Cyclone F1 (583)

Started by Geoff_B, December 01, 2003, 05:18:13 PM

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OK guys, as you know i have finished my first Cyclone BAC 583 ( well still needs its Armament fitting buts its almost there). The question is what to do with the 2nd example ?.

I need to know if people are interested in this aircraft as a kit as i will leave it in its component parts for Joe/Lee to cast up and hopefully produce ?

If nobody is that keen then i will take it to completion (perhaps doing a build article for Tom at the same time so others might try it if they fancy doing a version themseleves)

I have a third Sukohi Su-15 to do a third example with and enougth Tornado spares left for the rest of it. So i can do an FA2 version from the 90's  or an F1 in a Falklands scheme.


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A 583 would look good in my RCN 2000 project.  I want one!!!

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Mmmmm........Falklands scheme sounds interesting !

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QuoteI'd like a few, with one or two going RAF as a Hunter replacement. Means no nasty Jaguar, and possibly an RAAF example as well.

Don't you mean RAN ?

OK so i'll get the 2nd one done as a master an do the third for the SIG. Now i'll have to think on the breakdown of parts to allow you guys the ability to mould it - hmmn  <_<  <_<  <_<  <_<




I'd say let Joe have it as a master and have no. 3 for yourself, as I'd surely love to have a few of those to build as well. Lots of interesting ideas for them. Some South American naval air arms spring to mind as well as the usual Commonwealth countries as well.
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i'm with lancer on this one - let me get a few things out of the way and built (finally) and then i'll take a cyclone for sure....

looking great thor, very impressive so far!
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Well the 2nd 583 is nearing completion, with just the wing gloves to sort out (not fun ) then hopefully it will get in the Post off upto Scotland for Joe to refine ready for moulding and casting. Once this is done successfully, Joe will then decide if it can go into production, so you'll have to wait till the new year to see what happens then ask Joe very nicely to see if he will produce it (Obviously there are other items higher up the ladder to be done before the 583.

Hopefully over Christmas i can start my third and do an FRS-2 or even FA-3 version, with a larger tail, wing pylons and revised Canopy. This one will recieve a more updated paint scheme and markings.

Just had another idea on a common subject but need to check it with Wooksta first !!!!.


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