Heller Gloster Javelin

Started by Ollie, November 21, 2003, 08:15:14 PM

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Just bought that thingie for $3 and I'll use it to make an aircraft for this group build.

I'll fold the wings (the way the kit is engineered, very easy to do, the outer panels are separate!), get rid of that stupid T-tail and put a cruciform tail using bits from a 1/48 He 162 and will swap the nose whell for something meaner.  

Of course, it'll be RN, and I'll need help for the markings, to do something belivebal!

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Quoteget rid of that stupid T-tail
Watch out !

I just saw JHM jump in his car with a baseball bat, and he's heading East !
CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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QuoteI just saw JHM jump in his car with a baseball bat, and he's heading East !

Bah.  The first snowstorm he gets and he's stalled.   :rolleyes:  :cheers:  


never underestimate the mouse - when it comes to somebody (even a fellow canadian) slandering the sacred T-tail, he's a mighty fiesty little rodent.

That being said, i'm keen on your idea Ollie - the jav's a super chunky fighter, and would look great with a tailhook and some manly undercarriage!

are you going for the blue and gloss white finish, or something else? are you going to equip it with some us compatible missile systems or keep the uk ones? plenty of mileage in this one, which is always a good thing!

can't wait to hear more...

all the best mate,

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Twin vertical tails and some small ventral strakes?


Hehe, the javelin is one of those planes that (like the Canuck, tho not as bad) was seemingly designed in an ad-hoc fashion.

"Right, these deltas are rather neat, we'll have one of them"

"Don't forget the big radar"

"it'll need to have 2 seats as well"

Kinda like how the ruskies used to design their birds.  :D  
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I reckon a V-tail like an F-117 would look great on a Javelin, paint it black and see how it looks!

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QuoteTwin vertical tails and some small ventral strakes?
Twin vertical T tails????


Sounds an Interesting conversion to navalise a Javelin, especially as the RAF changed from the DH110 to the Javelin for its All Weather interceptor, i suppose you can have the Navy doing the same. As for decals any Sea Vixen, or Sea Venom decals should do the trick, see if you can get the Model Art decal sets for these or possibly a Sea Harriers as the white flying fist of 899 sqdn should do ok.

Remember the Fleet Airm Arm front line aircraft squadrons should be in the 800-813 range and the 890-899 range the later being primary the interceptors and the former the Attack/fighter aircraft. 870-880's are for RCN squadrons, 860's are Dutch, 850's are RAN (but they also have 805, 817), 845-848 are Commando Helicopters, 849 is AEW, 831 was the EW squadron, 814-829 are the ASW aircraft.

Hope this helps




Here's a possibility - the RN modified some surplus Scimitars to act as Refuelling aircraft for the Buccaneers with buddy packs - the Jav would have a much greater internal fuel load, hang a buddy pack under one wing, a fuel tank under the other, maybe a Firestreak or two for self protection.....

And they had this really cool fin marking of a pint of beer, if anyone can get you the Model Art set.

Mmmm, Sea Javelin FAW(K)mk 1.......
It's not an effing  jump jet.