V-22 Osprey

Started by Aircav, November 09, 2003, 06:56:10 AM

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So it looks like the USMC have really been flogging a dead horse then, i suppose a few Ospreys developed for Special forces use would salavage somrthing from the program, but i wonder if the US101 star is now starting to rise as i viable alternative  as a Ch-46 replacement - i hope so !!!!.

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You gotta hope they get it working.  It will revolutionise the military airlift role if they can.  thats why the USMC are so desperate for it.
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It looks like the author of the first article is hell-bent on bashing the V-22!!



What I can't inderstand is why they can't get it right with the Osprey. I mean thay have had long enough to get it right.
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There as also this huge scandal where maintenance issues revealed that the Osprey was far from ready but for some reason two officers decided to doctor the maintenance logs to show that it was fine.  That little issue resulted in a crash that killed the crew.  Maybe the program is jinxed.

They'd better get around to fixing it though, the Marine's new offensive strategy is pretty much written around upcoming new systems and the Osprey is a big part of it.
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According to the first website, they've built about 50 so far (mostly in storage). If the project is dumped, where might these go to?
And what would replace the CH-46s in time? More CH-46s? :wacko:

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just to add fuel to he debate...i recently aquired the brochure for the RN.s AEW. V.22 Osprey...one ugly bird (nice artwork tho)
it shows a std production V.22 with one of those neat triangular shaped AWACS radars mounted on top, another artwork included shows a tanker V.22 refuelling JSF.s...all nice potential modelling material all in two tone greys as per the Italeri/Testors kit example

happy modelling, cheers, joe  :ph34r:  
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QuoteAnd what would replace the CH-46s in time? More CH-46s?

The only options available to the USMC are the S92 by Sikorsky which is based on the enlarged Blackhawk, or the lockheed US101 based on the good old Merlin.

As to the Osprey problems, i think they have tried to do too much with the concept. The design has its merits, but i think it should have been tried in a less stressful role to iron the gliches then develop a larger more powerful version to replace the Ch-46 in the lift role. As said they have put alot into this aircraft, but i wonder it the technology was sound, i'm sure they could have applied the modern materials and computing used in the Osprey into some of the other VTOL concepts studied in the 50's -60's. Surely something using the expertise provided from the harrier program would have created a suitable lifter, with deflected thrust and lift engines rather than these large rotors/props. The VTOL airlifter would probably be able to do STOL to reduce the strain on going into a hover, and would work fine with the US LPD's or LHA's.

What does everybody else think ?

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I think that the bird is a good one, but that they went too fast into getting it ready.  The XV-15 has been flying for so long without any crash, and now the BA 609 is doing the same just fine...

They could start with only a transport, then add more roles as the bugs are ironed out.


In a bit of thread necromancy, let me revive this thread to offer assistance to any wanting data on the V-22.  I've now been working primarily on it for the five years I've been with Bell Helicopter.

I will say that the only 1/72 kit that is accurate is the one in various boxings from Hasegawa.  It is the only kit to have certain prominent features that all production V-22's have (most of the other kits appear to be based on the first six prototype aircraft).  I've also been involved in update/upgrade development efforts and I can at least talk in generalities on those.

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And what did I see flying over London today? A V-22. Given that I later saw a fleet of dark green helos head from the Downing St and Buckingham Palace area I can only assume it was part of President Obama's upcoming visit.

Apparently it carries minor functionaries and members of the Press corps, not yet deemed suitable for the President.


Much the same as CH-53E's only carried support personnel.  Though there are proposals out there...
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Quote from: Nick link=topic=1741.msg725035#msg725035 date

......Apparently it carries minor functionaries and members of the Press corps, not yet deemed suitable for the President.

it also carried the presedential dog, basketballs and other essential gear to the Presidents annual vacation to Martha's Vineyard...Some good pictures out there.

Thanks for the offer elmayerle.  What's the gossip on the re-engining program? Sounds like there will be some serious power if they go with the the CH-53 derivative engine. 
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