Mig-21Kbis & mig-23K

Started by raymond, October 31, 2003, 03:05:38 PM

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greetings comrades

i was trying to figure out earlyier today how to get decent pics of my models in progress, then it hit me: i could use that damned capitalist machine: the scanner!..... :dum: these are OKish, alot better than my photos, you can see the good underside detail on the mig-23, and the crap painting on the side shot!  <_< (damned those sabouturs in the humbrolski plant!)

so here are some more scans of my improved mig-21: which has now has been armed, and of my spoiled mig-23K which is now on display at my OKB as a paint demonstrator!!!

enjoy :)





and the underside, gun pod used to be inbetween the body pylons



I can appreciate the work you are putting into this!  All I can say for now is that a new fighter will soon take to the air!  The glorious workers at our plant have managed to find the stencils for the blood-red stars of our glorious country!

In the meanwhile, me and Vasily are going to snipe the imperialsts who dare come our way for treats.  That's threat they'll receive!   :P

Za Rodina!

Major Olivienev Jakovitch Lacombski, SPD VVS (Special Projects Division)
KnAAPoOZQc plant deep in Trans-Siberia.......  



exelent news comrade C-FWOL! :D, the aircraft you speak of, is the the glourius LA-15? i really look foward to seeing it completed!  :cheers:

.........meanwhile for that decadent capitalist "halloween" festival, i have prepaired something special: for those imperilist lackys who choose not to embrace the rodina and the works of comrade lenin/marx, they will recieve premium soviet potato!!!!!! :lol: