maybe a MiG-31K for fleet-defence !??!

Started by Deino, October 29, 2003, 07:38:43 AM

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Following my suggestion of some additional planes for the Carrier (see here: "Comrads, what are the limits to our new naval.... ") I asked myself if a carrier suited MiG-31 would ever make sense ...  :mellow:

.... now here is an idea of an early design proposa from Mikoyan during MiG-31 development phase:

A swing-wing version called Y-155MP with some elements from the MiG-25 and MiG-23 .... wouldn't it make a impressive interceptor for fleet defence ????

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So has anybody found both a Mig-31 & an F-14 Tomcat at Wilko's yet ?, As it would prove to be an Interesting and cheap conversion job.





hi sounds cool, love the pic!! B)


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That is neat...and I just realized how similar the 23 and 25's tails are !
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I know Comrade Tomski is converting a Mig-25 for carrier operations.  Perhaps he could enlighten us with his research into its suitability for carrier ops.
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Comrades, the Y-155MP would indeed be a fine addition to your fleet of fine aircraft defending the motherland against the ravening hordes of capitalism.

Unfortunately i find myself in a perilous and possibly treasonous position of being close to finishing that bastion of imperialist yankee engineering, the variable geometry F-4 Phantom (full details and build pics forthcoming, although progress is a little akin to that of comrade Josef Ilych Stalin's five year plan).

These two aircraft would be a fine match for each other, would you not agree?

again, my apologies for being a nekulturny defektor.

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