Our Socialist Allies Aircraft contribution

Started by Radish, September 03, 2003, 11:35:07 AM

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It appears that no one has explained the contributions made by our glorious Bolshevik brothers of the Warsaw Pact.
Are there any under construction or planned (in the next 5 years??)
What about the strike element from the Polish Miner's Navy unit??
Or the East German aerobatic flight that always give a Schnappy display??
I must asdmit to having serious thoughts ( but only in line with authentic glorious socialist bolshevik communist dialect) about a Schturmovik torpedo bomber of the Worker's Paradise of Poland.
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Up Castro!!
Up the Revolution!!
Do carriers float on vodka??!!??
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Caomdae Radishivich,

Our comrades from the glourious workers republic of Czechoslovakia are contributing a navalised SU25 to our glorious air group. It's the old Kopro kit I've had for years now. Brought at Beatties in the days when they had a really good selection ok kits and stuff (About 12 years ago now). It's not too bad, but the decals are awful. I need to source some more.

Za Rodina

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Quotethe Worker's Paradise of Poland.
Way to go, Radish......I just spit my soup on the computer screen....and I'm still howling ! Hahahaha.....!

And a naval Stormovik sounds awesome....
CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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Comrades, with regards to the workers paradise of Poland, be careful of capitalist lies!!!

It seems the decadent bourgiosie elite in the repressive UK sought to "entertain" the working class masses (that is, to suppress their desire for true socialist freedom) by sending a capitalist "expert" (ha!) to the workers paradise of Poland and filming him there.  This devious capitalist was meant to show how the supposedly superior manufacturing techniques of the decadent west could be used to improve upon the cleary more productive socialist industrial principles.  

This capitalist pig claimed that the windows in the chemical factory he was trying to improve (ie subvert to decadent capitalist ways) had to be replaced every 18 months as they were melting due to the extreme concentrations of sulphuric acid fumes in the factory.

My comrades, THIS IS A FILTHY CAPITALIST LIE!!!!!  Anyone who promotes these capitalist/fascistic deceits can expect a visit from Comrade Vesperanovich.  I hear Siberia is very nice at this time of year.

Comrade Nevski.
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Comrades, any lies to the fact that the air in Poland is solid and can be cut up into blocks and used to build houses and motorways with is just imperialist capitalist lies.
We in the glorious socialist dream of Poland can make marvellous aircraft, and seek to emulate our glorious socialist marxist-leninist Bolshevik dialectic creativity, but only along Party lines, of our socialist brothers of the Soviet Union.
Up Castro.
Up the Revolution.
Smirnof to us all.
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Comrades, an Eastern Express Il-2 has been acquired!!
Glory to the Revolution!!
Either a unit from our socialist brothers in Poland or East Germany will fly in our struggle against the Imperialist dogs!!
up Castro!
Up the Prolitariate!!
Down on Bush!!!
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Once you've visited the land of the Loonies, a return is never far away.....

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vis remids me of something I saw vezantly on a captilizt imperializt running dog ov a vebzite, vere a ztooge of tha vest tied to a buld a modal depicting a glorious moment in Polish socialist hiztor. Ov kursk, in reelity the Petlyakov P-10MB vas only zuperfishesly zimilar to that fascist Arado Ar-234 bomzer; it vas merely a kase of zimilar lyns ov development taking place in too countries at the zame time.

However, to kote:


"Petlyakov P-10MB Butcher (Dragon Arado Ar234C-3), "Blue 29", Eskadra A, 1st Brigade, Polish Naval Air Arm, Gdynia vs UN. Gull grey upper and side surfaces with light grey under surfaces. Polish national markings below wings and on fin, with Soviet star on sides and upper wings. Wing tip tanks and radar(from Lancaster H2S)under forward fuselage and drop tanks (DTs - from Hawker Hunter) beneath twin engine pods; the radar operator sits in a windowless station behind the main wings, accessed via a ventral entry hatch. One 1,500kg armour-piercing bomb under each wing.
<BR>Mission: As the Soviet Baltic fleet breaks out in to the Atlantic, it is supported by Soviet and Polish aircraft in the first major naval battle of the war. This aircraft is one of two Polish Pe-10MBRs credited with placing bombs on the Royal Navy battleship HMS Howe, severely damaging the warship which was subsequently finished off with a torpedo dropped from a Soviet AVMF Pe-10T. The names of the [Heroik socializt]* two-man crew are unknown."

*Mi addizionz

Comrad Harpz

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