OKB Lavochkin Proyect La-15K

Started by Ollie, August 07, 2003, 07:29:26 PM

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Today, on the shores of the magnificient lake BaĆ®kal we received two crates by train from Moscow.  It was said that the stoker was a veteran of Stalingrad, the decisive battle of the Great Patriotic War!  Vodka was given to him in the required amounts.  Inside those two crates were the materials provided by Comrade Stalin to achieve completion of a project of the utmost importance.  We received a full La-15 selected from the assembly lines in Siberia destined for modification into a shipborn interceptor.  We also got a powerful corrupt Westerner's plane, a Douglas Skyraider, a plane that we are told is stronger than Ruslan, the great hero himself!  We are to use the Skyraider to study what is needed to make a strong and fierce carrier plane, then see if parts can be implemented onto the gracious La-15, the spearhead of Soviet aviation progress and ingenuosity!  

The Imperialist Yankees and their corrupt lackeys the British will soon have to deal with new threat!  This jet-powered technological marvel will thrust the Soviet sickle farther out than any other machine before!

Za Stalina!  Za Rodina!

Comrade Ollieviev Jackovitch Lacombsky   :)


Comrade, the knowledge that the glorious Socialist vision of Comrades Marx and Engels will be achieved under your glorious management striving with the glorious socialist Bolshevik Prolitariate to defeat the currupt Fascist-capitalist-Zionists is good news indeed. The Comrades in the Politburo will be sure to note your confidence in defeating the Nazi-imperialists.
The no doubt inferior capitalist Skyraider, built I'm sure by slave labour of the zionists, will be much improved by glorious Socialist Dialectic engineering.
Long live Castro.
Long live the Revolution.
Down with the Imperiast crooks.
Once you've visited the land of the Loonies, a return is never far away.....

Still His (or Her) Majesty, Queen Caroline of the Midlands, Resident Drag Queen


Tovarich Lacombsy,

The Motherland is proud of your efforts to build the superior Soviet fighter for our glourious fleets. Will the Red Banner Northern Fleet be the first to receive these wonderful machines.  This will surely create panic amoungst the cowardly imperialists and thier hated lackeys. We at the GRU cnsider it our patriotic duty to protect the secrets of this great plane and the security of the heroic socialitst hero workers who are toiling to build it fir the glory of the state

Za Rodina

Comrade Colonel Lancerov

P.S Wheres the bloody pictures????
If you love, love without reservation; If you fight, fight without fear - THAT is the way of the warrior

If you go into battle knowing you will die, then you will live. If you go into battle hoping to live, then you will die


Tovarisch Lancerov, tovarisch Radishko!

Pictures are currently not avaible because the local KGB unit has not checked everyone in the staff yet.  We are not sure if everyone is as communist as they say!  So we musn't take chances and keep the matter as low profile as possible.  Furthermore, the over-zealous imperialist-influenced bureaucratic slump who was in charge of the train forgot to have the photo-wagon pinned to the aforementionned rail machine.  He shall be shot at dawn for that mistake, his last!  But, don't worry, a new train should be here soon, with the equipment on board.

Long live the Revolution!

Za Soviet!

Za Rodina!

Za Stalina!


John Howling Mouse

Tvarisch Jano Howlitchnikova Moscova signing in (sssssh...)
Styrene in my blood and an impressive void in my cranium.

Davey B

Aah, Comrade Lacombski, how is work progressing on the Rodina's new capitalist-killer? Despite General Vespernolavich's best efforts, on the orders of Comrade Beria please purge all the technicians of counter-revolutionary influence. We must maintain the anti-capitalist swine fervour in our nation. Why, only last week Beria himself purged the wreckers and sabotours in the Moscow Stamp Collector's Club. He is hoping to start work on prosecuting the Kiev Train Spotter's Society for espionage soon. Keep up the good work and pictures soon please.

Glory to the Motherland and to Comrade Stalin, the Hitler, sorry, Lenin of today,
Commissar Bowlingov, NKVD