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1/144 scale jeeps and trucks?

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Does anyone make WWII vehicles in this scale? Ideally a jeep, but a 2 1/2 ton truck would be good. N scale seems too small to me.



Custom Dioramas do a white metal Jeep & Studebacker 2 1/2 ton fuel truck, as well as British trucks & equipment:

Matador Models do some resin British WWII trucks too & airfield vehicles:

Both based in Britain so I'm not sure how much you'll get stumped for postage.

also try this outfit as well. They have am excellent range of stuff.

Thanks for the suggestions so far! There used to be a US distributor for Matador - can't find them now. The PG models stuff looks great, and they take Paypal... but 1/160 is probably too far off scale, unless it's the 1/150 N scale. Feh. Silly train modelers and their funky "scales".

Found Pithead Minatures from Sweden as well Frank, a number of WWII N scale vehicles including a Jeep & a M3 half track:

I think N scale should do you okay, especially with vehicles, even the largest tanks are only going to differ by a couple of mm at most.


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