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Current and Finished Projects / Re: Glenn's Current Modeling Projects
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 02:45:28 am »
I do like the T28  :thumbsup:

Got me thinking of a Tortoise now
Plane Spotting / Re: NATO Day 2018 Ostrava, Czech Republic
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 02:39:05 am »
Some great photos and some great artwork on the aircraft  :thumbsup: Thank you

I can't imagine the CAA allowing anything, even poppies, to be dropped over a crowd.

True, but mainly because there would be a tribe of solicitors waiting to pounce and claim their client was injured by one  :-\
WB!!!!   Better get after it, none of this next week nonsense.  ;D  :wacko: :angel:

Hell, I say that, but I have some planned breaks scheduled coming soon myself, two of them in fact.  :angel:


Public Relations?
Photo-Reconnaissance ;)

Are you sure?

I'm back--- so stop it  ;)

Re the Lockheed XFM2 armament diagram I do find the mix of calibres (3 of them ?) very much of the period. Could of been a bit of a nightmare in war time conditions ? Especially if being used as an attack bomber with a quick turnaround.

Makes one wonder why gunships were not more common between WW2 and the introduction of MANPADS.

The French had some adventures with side-firing 20mm MG 151s in Algeria but I think the hidrance on 'going bigger' was the performance / capacity of transport aircraft at the time, and the lack of ability to target at night ( which in turn was necessitated by the vulnerable pylon-turn attack profile ).  Daylight ops against opponents with HMGs seemed to be too dangerous.

It was only when the likes of the C-130* became available that heavier ordnance could be fitted that stayed out of range of HMGs and made the gunship more survivable. 

A Firedog-era real-World gunship would probably be restricted to 20mm Oerlikons due to weight, ammunition and recoil which might make ops a bit dodgy.

* Wasn't there an FC-124 proposal at some point?
Upcoming events / Re: Poynton Model Show 2018 - Pictures
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 02:25:43 am »
Some neat stuff there - cheers H  :thumbsup:
Model Kit News / Re: Prop & Jet, and other Resin kits from Russia
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 02:24:35 am »
Oh they do look nice  :thumbsup: Just ordered a set

Thanks for the heads up  :thumbsup:
What-if related Products / Re: Airfix Model World magazine
« Last post by NARSES2 on Today at 02:18:53 am »

I like how the Vampire T11 build with it's emphasised panel lines is immediately followed by a collection of photos of 1:1 Swedish Vampires exhibiting almost no visible panel lines.

I find the current fashion (and that's what it is) of over emphasising panel lines really, really annoys me. I always say you should remember that when building in 1/72 you are viewing from 72 foot away at a minimum and you tell me then what panel lines you can see ?
Back from my travels and now need to get myself sorted out before I can get down to some modelling. Probably get started up again middle of next week ?

Meanwhile just realised it's 7 weeks to Telford  :o
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