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The RAF Centenary Group Build / Re: RAF Centenary GB - The Rules
« Last post by 63cpe on Today at 09:57:51 pm »
Just to be sure: are AAC aircraft eligable for this GB?
Armour / Re: 1/72 E-75 Walker Tank with Plasmagun
« Last post by philp on Today at 09:13:39 pm »
Here is a pic of the Hydra decals.

My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again 2018.
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Today at 08:13:00 pm »
Assuredly, I'd always assume a copacetic group of individuals would be the norm in any group, yet, there's alway's that one.   ;D ;D   I could walk out my front door right now and throw a $100 bill on the ground and the person who picked it up would complain about the strain of having to bend over and tell me I should have placed it on a table instead.
Aircraft / Re: SF-313 Alwet from a helicopter
« Last post by Tophe on Today at 07:35:04 pm »
Going on... (soon completed):
Current and Finished Projects / Re: Glenn's Current Modeling Projects
« Last post by Glenn on Today at 07:11:52 pm »

The Stug 111....looks better from this angle. Looks much better at present, with the new body covering this one.

The RAF Centenary Group Build / Re: Supermarine Snapper
« Last post by joncarrfarrelly on Today at 06:49:43 pm »

Ya didn’t want to go for the little over big wing layout of the real S.21?  ;D

My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again 2018.
« Last post by joncarrfarrelly on Today at 06:41:36 pm »
At an IPMS event in the US it would be put in the Flights of Fancy/Hypotheticals category
and most people wouldn’t care. It certainly wouldn’t have you shown the door.
Surprise!!!! Working on the ATR-72 again all of a sudden. The BAC-111 is nearly ready to be sanded on but not quite. A couple more days then we're off to the races, though! It should be a simple affair... maybe an hour of sanding then a quick wipe down and re-spray with the white paint.

But yeah, ATR-72........    So.. I'm working on the fuselage trying to get it done before I proceed with anything else. Using big wood file and my sanding sponges I've gotten most of it in good shape but the caved in place on the side needs filling so I've done that. It's a bit thick so I'll let it dry and do any shrinking it may do then will sand it and see if I need to add more. Most likely will but after that I can glue the wings and tailplanes on. While that stuff dries up I'll try to work on the engines like I had planned way back when I left off on this build.

Not sure what to do now.  ;D
The RAF Centenary Group Build / Re: RAF B-58 Hustler, 1/72
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Today at 04:51:05 pm »
Working on the less than stellar fitment of the canopies and the seams. The upper seam is pretty good aside from the stuff on the nose. The bottom suffers from a weird situation involving a bit of bowing of the fuselage halves.... in two directions, outward/inward and also up/down. It was very awkward but I clamped it the best I could but I couldn't come up with the right combination of clamps to get the seam to stay cinched so there is a gap down there. I'll fill it in and everything will be fine but it's frustrating none the less.

Not real pretty right now. All fixable, though!  :lol: :mellow:  I'm not getting in any hurry on this, but, eventually it will be done and I can finally glue the wings on. That will be pretty fun. I'm eager to see this actually looking like an airplane.  :mellow: :mellow:
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