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An Attacker project I'm going to do one day, is what RAE told Supermarine what it really needed, a nose wheel --- 
Plane Spotting / Re: Planes in Strange Places
« Last post by kitnut617 on Today at 06:47:57 am »
I'm still trying to come to grips with what Health and Safety's response to that would be in the U.K. indeed in much of Europe ?  ;D

That is so funny Chris, that was exactly my first thought when I saw Jon's pics of it. See how 'conditioned' we've all been made ----  ;D
Got any good Links put them here / Re: F-35 versus Harrie
« Last post by McColm on Today at 05:55:58 am »
I still think that the Yak-141 could have been saved as an alternative to the F-35. The hot exhaust from both aircraft still seems problematic but that new matting on the new aircraft carriers might be a cure.
Saturday morning and just got back from work. I can't sleep so I have removed the wings from the Sea Victor AEW and replaced them with the Nimrod set.
The Victor wings fit rather well on the Hasegawa 1/72 Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion.
I need the propellers to finish off the Grumman Foxhound. Based on the Grumman Greyhound with 4 turboprop engines and a T-tail.
I'll see if the Heller Boeing E-3A/E rotodome fits the B-36 tomorrow.
I'm testing Wilko superglue, this seems to be miles better than the stuff from Poundland.
I doubt if there will be anything finished at the the end of this month but I hope one or two builds might make it to Whiffs 2019.
Fire-pumpa tank - traditonal parallelgram-traks not yet shipped from trak-makah.  ;)
Got any good Links put them here / Re: F-35 versus Harrie
« Last post by sandiego89 on Today at 05:49:44 am »

At the risk of attracting the wrath of the membership I never considered the Harrier to be a particularly attractive aircraft.....

Dangerous words indeed!  The Gr3 with the laser nose was the least attractive.  Original Sea Harrier for the win!  I actually like the early two seaters.... 
Themed Build Repository / Re: Forgotten Forces GB/TB
« Last post by perttime on Today at 05:45:52 am »
Let me include here Spanish Tercios


I saw that painting on a page dealing with a not all that forgotten force: the Swedish (Finnish) Hakkapeliittas: light cavalry supplied by land owners in what is now Finland.

Such a scene could have happened at the Battle of Nördlingen (1634) where the "Roman Catholic Imperial army, bolstered by 15,000 Spanish soldiers, won a crushing victory over the combined Protestant armies of Sweden and their German-Protestant allies (Heilbronn Alliance)".
Sci-fi / Re: Hovertank part 2
« Last post by Old Wombat on Today at 05:41:48 am »
Sorry, kerick, nothing's coming to me! :-\

Just try to busy it up a bit, mostly symmetrically but with a few oddities thrown in for good measure, & do what every good whiffer does to explain things - Make sh!t up! ;D
The Idea Bank / Re: British Leyland Cars -Whiff ideas
« Last post by McColm on Today at 05:34:34 am »
That's where I got the idea from seeing photos of the Rover SD1 on the AROnline website and a few on this forum. I vaguely remember going to the Syon Park motor museum which housed the first and last production cars that British Leyland built. They also had Motorsport examples as I can remember seeing the Maxi rally car. They also had a Austin Mini cut in half so you could see the interior parts.
It was there for ages before it was moved to Gaydon.
Personally I always thought that the Marina was underpowered and not developed to its full potential.
At the time I was the only member of my family to own a Ford Granada new shape. Well at least it didn't let the rain in through the sunroof and start rusting when there was moisture in the air.
One the whole British Leyland did build decent cars, the Mini and Range Rover have stood the test of time. So too has the LandRover. If I had my way I would have stuck a V8 into most of the top end cars with leather seats, air conditioning and traction control or gone down the turbo route.
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again 2018.
« Last post by kitbasher on Today at 04:33:48 am »
Final trip to F&S Models before they close down.  25% off sale so Academy TBF-1 Avenger and new Airfix Blenheim IV acquired.
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