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Chugging along. I might not be finished with this Mitsubishi tonight after all so I'm breaking my rule of not spoiling the reveal to just go ahead and show the underside. I usually only take a fraction of pictures of the undersides of things anyway so I guess it doesn't hurt the big reveal any.  :unsure: :lol:

I'm not moving so fast on it because of hiccups in the research, the parts here, and what the instructions say.  I've settled that issue but it ate up a good half hour of work. It's almost silly to worry about anyway because that this point, so many things are inaccurate that this actually qualifies as a WHIF! I won't do that, though, it's just a poorly sourced real world build.  This said I'm not at all disappointed in all the mistakes. Another thing is the lack of decent resource material. There's probably more out there than what I could find but I'm not bothered enough to find it. I think overall it will do a good job of representing this historical aircraft!  :thumbsup:

Any how.... here's the bottom of the Mitsu with the Glossy Baby G!  :laugh:

Dinky little fiddly bits, but, believe it or not some parts are still on sprue. I'll have to clip them out then file/sand them then try to get them glued on. Might be a bit of a task with all the paint and stuff that's on now so... still not saying I might be done soon.. but I hope so.   :ph34r: :ph34r:
Aircraft / Re: Bristol Brabazon - British Caledonian
« Last post by rickshaw on Today at 05:46:35 pm »
Nice!   :thumbsup:
Weapon Systems. Real and Imagined. / Re: Rockets: 2.75" FFAR vs. SNEB
« Last post by Weaver on Today at 04:42:44 pm »
It's going to be hard to find a definitive standard to judge the two by because, by 2017, 'FFAR' and 'SNEB' have become rocket standards, rather than rocket designs, and all they really tell you is whether they'll fire out of a US pattern launcher or a French one. There are, I think I'm right in saying, dozens of rocket families with probably over 100 different individual designs, that will fire from 2.75" tube and a great number, if not quite so many, that will fire from a 68mm tube.

Just as an example, the Canadian CRV-7 70mm (2.75") rockets have MUCH higher impulse rocket motors than most FFAR or SNEB pattern rockets and are consequently rated as being much more accurate over longer ranged than either, which is why the RAF adopted them as a UOR during the 1st Gulf War.
Modeling Blogs / Re: Moments of Zen
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Today at 04:28:10 pm »
Well, i decide to leave the underside wing RAM tape lines out of it, there's no detail there and it won't be seen anyway so i skipping them.... :angel:

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Yeah buddy. Makes perfect sense here in whif-world.  :laugh:

Lookin' like a million bucks, dude! By year's end? NAH, I bet you get it done right in time for Christmas.  :lol:

Well, despite chunks, this thing is getting whiter and whiter... just like me in winter time.  ;D 

Just painting for now. I think all I can do after I get all the white on is glue the nose piece on then I can clear coat everything. It's been so long that I forgot that I already painted the gear doors and such but I suppose I should stop at some point and be sure all that malarkey will actually go on here now that it has these gargantuan moth wings.

Slowly getting the Mitsu together! The ailerons are on now. All I have left are to glue on the engine cowlings and props then a number of dinky parts. Last will be the canopy going on. I won't be able to properly integrate it ... there will be a gap around the entire thing, but, I can live with it as a reasonable facsimile. Besides, I've cut a multitude of corners and have decided to let numerous errors go right on by because they don't take any enjoyment away having them and also I'm saving a ton of time!! I think it will look neat anyway at the end. That said, I'm also cutting a lot of corners on the Vanquish....  I think the one day blitz build did me a world of good because I've learned to let things go.  ;D

Galaxy is at the first gloss coat stage. I need to do a bunch of masking and I can't do that on acrylic paint without priming first or the paint will come off. As mentioned prior, my primer has bit the dust. The only way around that is to gloss coat the acrylic paint before I mask... then continue the next stages of paint. A bit of extra work but handles the problem!  :lol:

Might be done with the Mitsu tonight? Nothing left now but gluing on the last pieces.. shouldn't take long but... every time I say I might get something done it goes all to hell.  :o ;D
Love the Mu-2J looks great! :thumbsup:
Aircraft / French T-6 Dive Bomber
« Last post by The Rat on Today at 03:25:52 pm »
The old MPC/Airfix kit, with dive flaps cut and (poorly) drilled with (misaligned) holes. The only part salvaged from the Airfix Douglas Dauntless will be the gun mount, maybe the gun as well. Teaser pic, a bit more work has been done since then.

Modeling Blogs / Re: Moments of Zen
« Last post by DogfighterZen on Today at 03:10:49 pm »
Well, i decide to leave the underside wing RAM tape lines out of it, there's no detail there and it won't be seen anyway so i skipping them.... :angel:
Painted some small details on the fuselage, glued the pylons on and removed all gear bays masking to glue on the nose gear in there.

The colors are different from the real thing but i like, makes them less noticeable and i prefer them that way, just to create some interest with the minor color variation on a very boring scheme.
Ended up not working on anything else today but it's good cause i made good progress on this one today, i might even be able to finis it before the year's end.  :thumbsup:

Must go like DA BOMB with Tynes!  :thumbsup:
The Flying Boat, Seaplane and Amphibian G.B. / Re: Mu-2J floatplane
« Last post by The Rat on Today at 03:00:30 pm »
Didn't think it possible, but you've actually given me warm feelings for an MU-2.  :thumbsup:
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