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Not much margin for error there. Are they intended to re-attach in flight?  You might need a trapeze to make it work both on separation and re-attachment.   Something that is long enough to attach well below the slip-stream?   :thumbsup:
Back to work!!  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Here's one we haven't seen in awhile:

Yeah!!  :mellow: :mellow:     It's coming along well all of a sudden. I had to add a wee bit more filler around the canopy toward the rear left side but it's close to being ready to be sanded smooth then I can put the second coat of primer on and see how it looks. I hope it will be good to go. It looks good to me!  It would make my day if this thing was ready for actual paint... . .. .      to that end, I'm going to sand that little section then take it outside for another coat of primer then we'll see what the score is!   :thumbsup:

Also.... coats of blue going on the bottom of the Raptor. It needs 2-3 or more then I think I can start on the top.

At some point this decade I'd like to start my Cold War GB build....    :rolleyes:
General Modeling topics / Re: Twitter What If GB: Blue Angels Vampire
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 03:56:57 pm »
Which reminds me I really MUST finish off my replacement Blue Angels Buccaneer!  :banghead: :banghead:
Armour / Re: 1/35 T-62 mod
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 03:55:13 pm »
Bizarrely BT exchanges are still manufactured to be capable of accepting the pulse signals from dial-phones even today.  :o :o
Model Kit News / Re: Hasegawa
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 03:39:38 pm »
Not having a CLUE what 'Area 88' is I looked it up on Wiki.

My confidence in the stuff there was shaken when I find they list the Blackburn Buccaneer in the 'Fighter and Interceptor' types..........
I haven't done an 'Aux' for a while now and No.612 Squadron did actually fly Vampire FB.5's until 1957. I don't think they would too happy with essentially the same in 1972!

Love the Vampires and Venoms - they look really good. :thumbsup:

How about giving the 'Aux' some G.91Rs to replace their Vampires? British engine and a NATO joint project, so if the politics had been right, you could see the UK Government buying into it, possibly building the aircraft in the UK (Shorts?) and fitting them with twin ADENs in similar fashion to the Luftwaffe's DEFAs.
Close in and use the Aden pod.....or fly above them and VIFF them out of the sky

You'd think so, but even when SHARs were attacking Pucaras and Herks they didn't transition to jet-borne flight.  They relied on slashing attacks. 

I suppose 'speed is life' is a difficult lesson to contradict.

I might be mis-remembering here, but on at least one occasion when the SHARs shot down a Pucara, I think they did drop their nozzles a bit to reduce their minimum flying speed and stay behind it.

Just found (after a search) and checked Sharkey Ward's book, and yes, I did mis-remember: he dropped half-flap to stay behind the Pucara, not nozzles. Apparently half-flap causes the SHAR to fly nose-down a bit, and that was useful in firing at the very low target without crashing himself: his radar altimeter was reading 10-60ft during the engagement... :o
Like a couple of manned Hound Dogs.  :thumbsup: ;D
All done!! This whole shooting match has been gone through and organized. When I started I had to tear it all apart and put it back together again but in doing so I didn't skip anything. I've laid eyes on every kit I own during this (aside from 10-12 1/48 ones in the storage room that I have earmarked for trade or sale) and opened up a ton of room and it all looks 100% better.

Not pictured are the ones I crammed under the bed, the two Trumpeter behemoths (1/72 Tu-160 and Tu 95) I have on "display", and the airliner collection which sits at the head of my bed behind the headboard. Also not pictured is the little area behind me. I went and ahead and left my Albatros/Delfin collection there and the 1/72 civil birds but the rest of the kits were integrated with the two "main piles." All the boxes and various things that go with current ongoing projects are now snugly secured there.   

Here're the two piles together, framed up the best I could without accidentally throwing myself down the flight of stairs:  :o ;D ;D ;D

Still messy but it's quite decent and being a "living" space that changes all the time I can't expect perfection anyway.

Baby Pile.

Big Bertha Pile.

This concludes the model kit and supplies re-organization project 2018. Hopefully I won't get lazy and let it get all out of whack again. I kept telling myself over and over that I would organize it all and simply never did until it was a massive problem. Baaaaaad habit.

NOW WHAT?!  ;D    I think I'll start painting on the Raptor. I was going to glue things into the weapons bay but if I HAVE to glue onto already painted surfaces I'd rather do so after the first gloss coat instead of onto flat acrylic craft paint. The CA works better this way.......    don't ax me how I know. ( ;D ;D ;D ) So anyway since I can't do that I think all I CAN do right now is paint. I can paint on the plane body itself, the landing gear, and I think weapons bay doors. I think what I'll do is just start with the plane itself and get the belly painted in blue then I can shoot a spot shot of clear gloss into the weapons bays so that can start drying then later I can glue in the stuff I want to put in the bays. I'm trying to get some of the fiddly stuff out of the way rather than have a giant pile of it to do at the end.  ;)

EDIT:  Tacking this on to this post so I don't have to keep digging for it.  :rolleyes: :rolleyes:   
The Idea Bank / Re: BAe Nimrod reworked
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 01:21:36 pm »

In the book "Nimrod's Genesis" by Chris Gibson on page 189, he writes about a proposal to re-enjoying the Nimrod by removing the Spey engines and modifying the wing to take four RB.410 turbofans fitted on underwing pylons.
Ground clearance would be a problem but a solution was to lengthen the undercarriage legs.

They'd have limited options where to put the inner engines as the Nimrod gear retracts outwards, and longer legs would have used up more space in the wings.

You're forgetting that the Speys wound no longer be in the wing route so plenty of space to put new longer landing gear in a newly designed inner wing !

No I'm not, but that'd mean a whole new wing design from root outwards.

They might as well have bought 737s.....Oh, they just did, sorry.   :banghead:
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