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General Modeling topics / Re: Blue Streak IRBM
« Last post by Hobbes on Today at 02:49:48 am »
I considered buying it, but the engine section of that Europa is just a bit too coarse for me.
Hi, since a past Days the site from is not online, i becam a Network error.

have you a info wat is?
Crazyiness at work! I managed it, though. Caught up now and I have some room to breathe. I should have known, though, holiday weekend coming up so everyone wants their yards nice, no wonder I had a billion lawns this week!  :rolleyes:

I've done work on both builds. The F-15 stuff isn't even really worth talking about. I'll just say that for tall the high points and good things about the kit, when it comes to the intakes, there's a bit to be desired....   (fitment).   I was NOT looking forward to having to fix such things so I'm a bit mad at that build right now.  :angry: :angry: ;D ;D

So that leaves us with the BAC-111 and I've gotten quite a bit done on it. I can't quite recall every last bit but it involved bits and pieces of filler to fix gaps around the doors and sink marks in the engines, sanding away all the panel lines on the fuselage and engine housings, and gluing things. Other stuff, too, like preparing the wind-screen area for eventual decalling.

It's not ugly.

So there it is!! It's a whole plane now and it's an airliner for sure, no confusing it!  :wub: :wub:    T-tail, too.  :wub: :wub: :wub:     Oh yeah, I lucked out and the paint work for the wings will be easily applied with all the raised detail so I left that on there. Also, for one of very few times ever, I have glued the gear on at this phase of construction instead of at the end. I think I've progressed enough with my skill that I can handle the plane without snapping it all off. We'll see, though!  ;D  Engines also glued on already...    this is both a test of my not breaking things, but also painting parts in situation, so this is a learning experience and practice along with being "just another build."

I'm about to drag out the 1/48 Sword T-38. This is fascinating territory because I've all but shunned 1/48 due to space limitations. I make exceptions for certain subjects, though, and seek to build them all scales.  :thumbsup: :mellow: :mellow:
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again 2018.
« Last post by TheChronicOne on Yesterday at 04:27:20 pm »
Another airliner!  :wub: :lol:

This one is cool....  Really neat engines and this is an older boxing so it comes with all the window glass which is great because I can glue that in then I don't have to fill in all the windows; just skim coat filler over it all and sand it smooth. The newer boxings don't come with the window plastic.

Also, it came with extras!! Doors and windows transfers from ATP and also the wing spars. Now those are EXTREMELY handy because of the corogaurd pattern... the "snaggle tooth" looking stuff there. Who wants to mask all that??! 

I talked ol' boy down to $30 (free shipping!) for it all and while that's a moderate chunk of change, I'm pleased as punch about it.  :mellow: :mellow:

Also, a PM T-38 that I should have done research on before I bought.  :banghead:   The box and everything looks really nice so I guess that distracted me and it was less than $10 total so I'm not too torn up about it but it's yet another F-5B wearing sheeps clothe from what I can gather and it was merely a copy of the old Matchbox model!  :o :o   I'm still trying to get my hands on the Sword T-38 in 1/72 which is "pretty much" the only one that is an actual T-38 instead of an F-5B but they are hard to find.
Aircraft / Re: My latest completion F-20
« Last post by comrade harps on Yesterday at 04:24:39 pm »
A thing of beauty. Love the Japanese ordnance, too!  :thumbsup:
How about an Elecopter with snakes as the rotor blades and crocodiles as the landing skids?   :wacko:

Just make the whole thing out of animals.  ;D
General Modeling topics / Re: Blue Streak IRBM
« Last post by Mossie on Yesterday at 01:47:09 pm »
Had a good look through that, thanks Harro. I need one of the small Blue Streaks.

Found a 1/125 Europa too:
A whole year has gone by. What's up with this project? Well......... :rolleyes:

Went to the Manitowoc Maritime Museum Model Contest this past weekend (May 18-20) in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and took my USS Solace LHD hospital ship for competition. For the past several years since 2014 when I've gone to Manitowoc, I've always entered my models at the Novice level since my modeling skills aren't up to par next to more experienced and professional modelers. But now, things have changed. I thought maybe I'd get a 2nd or 3rd Place for my hospital ship. But instead, I got 1st Place!  :o  Now here's the kicker:
According to the registration information for this contest, if a person wins a gold in the Novice level, they must then enter at the Intermediate level next year. In other words, I must go up! And if a person wins a gold at the Intermediate level, they must advance to the Advanced level. You can go up, but you can't go back down. I have to up my A game. I have to try and build something maybe even better than my hospital ship. But what?  :unsure: The only thing that comes to mind is a partially built Iowa battleship/carrier hybrid that another modeling friend gave to me about 2 years ago. It's 40-50% built already. All I have to do is the other 50% or so which is more detailing, painting, and decaling. It's the only project I can think of that is already partially constructed and could be finished in time for next year. The only problem with the Iowa carrier is that not a lot of information exists about such a conversion. There is only one official diagram I have found on the Net showing such a proposal.

References that I'll be using for this model project:
1. “BATTLESHIPS: United States Battleships, 1935-1992” by William H. Garzke and Robert O. Dulin, Copyright 1995 (Updated Edition)
Chapter 8, Pages 288-291
2. “US Battleship Conversion Projects, 1942-1965, an illustrated technical reference” by Wayne Scarpaci, Copyright 2013, Pages 45 and 46.
3. “Essex Class Aircraft Carriers of the Second World War” by Steve Backer, Copyright 2009 by Seaforth Publishing.
4. “Iowa Class Battleships” by Lester Abbey, Copyright 2012 by Seaforth Publishing.
(NOTE: #’s 3 & 4 above do not have any carrier conversion information in them, but are useful with lots of model building information.)
And contrary to popular belief, Norman Friedman's book "US Battleships, an Illustrated Design History" does not have any information about Iowa battleships converted into aircraft carriers. I've already looked through the book and could find no information whatsoever. I did place an inter-library loan to check out another Friedman book from a library in my state. That would be Friedman's "US Carriers, an Illustrated Design History". I'm hoping there might be some information or schematics in that book.
Aircraft / Re: Spanish Civil War Whifs
« Last post by stevehed on Yesterday at 11:11:37 am »
The arrival of a long overdue ship containing munitions and aircraft from Czechoslovakia led to a change of equipment at the Andorra Escuadrilla.  The fighters remained but the R5’s were replaced by Letov 328, Aero A100 and Letov S16 light bombers. The reason was logistics as it meant that the the aircraft in this sector were powered by either a Hispano Suiza in-line or Bristol Pegasus radial engine. Not forgetting that the 328 and A100 possessed significantly improved performances. The Letov S16 on the other hand was the Czech equivalent of the Wapiti or Breguet 19. It is one of those aircraft that you feel should have been sent to Spain. It was obsolete by 1936 which meant the Czechs would sell to Spaniards with suitcases full of gold. Those that made it to the Republic would have made excellent trainers, coastal patrol or night bombers. It is the latter role that aircraft assigned to the north took on.

The R5 is the Pioneer kit. It’s not bad although it required a little modification to the rear cockpit internals. The engine compartment contours were also reshaped slightly.

This is the build thread which has been PB’d photo wise. The discussion on pg2 also makes this build a whif although earlier research by Gerald Howson suggested 31 R5 and 31 R5sss types.

The Letov 231 is a KP kit and built OOB. A straight forward build.

The LetovS16 is another KP kit. I liked it but the upper cabanes  are short. I cut them off and replaced them with rod. This allowed me to simplify the construction process by omitting the smaller inverted V’s. Hence this is the definite Spanish version complete with a field fitted additional slipstream protection for the observer.

Regards, Steve
General Modeling topics / Re: Blue Streak IRBM
« Last post by Hobbes on Yesterday at 10:19:55 am »
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