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Upcoming events / Brampton Show 2017
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 02:24:56 am »
Am I right in thinking the UK SIG has a 'presence' at Brampton this year?

It's usually out of my range but if I stay with my friends in Finedon it's 'just down the road', 19 miles to be exact.  ;D

 Another "major" problem is that when at shows I'm having some difficulty seeing under the table sales whilst standing up, need knee pads I suppose  ;D

Short range binoculars?  ;D
Goodness, amazing work it is!  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Aircraft / Re: Martin Monterey MR1
« Last post by Old Wombat on Today at 02:03:38 am »
It'll be worth it Kit. (Said in the type of voice doctors use when talking to patients  ;);D ;D

The "caring, encouraging" type or the "suck it up, princess" type? :unsure:
The Science Fiction Group Build / Re: A naked Dragonfly...
« Last post by Old Wombat on Today at 02:00:02 am »
Looking at that base and Kit's beaching trolley I think we need an "accessories" category in this year's Whiffies.

Agreed & seconded! :thumbsup:
The Science Fiction Group Build / Re: A naked Dragonfly...
« Last post by Old Wombat on Today at 01:59:16 am »
I wrote a reply to this just after Kit last night & now it's not there! :o

2nd time this has happened - I'm getting worried & frustrated. :banghead:

Can't remember what I wrote but it was along the lines of:

It's not awesome, it's spectacular! ;D :bow:

The base is a work of art in its own right. Excellent stuff! :thumbsup:
Modeling Blogs / Re: Zenrat's Flying Circus
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 01:46:35 am »
Thank you Christopher.
Many acres of bandwidth could have been saved from an early death if only others thought as we do.

I've just had an idea for a GB.  The Rainbow GB.  Only use Red, Orange, Black, Brown etc to paint the models.  No mixing allowed.
Moderators specify the paints to be used (i.e. from range X you can use colours 1,4,67 etc and from range Y colours 34a, 54, 75g etc).
I'm going to write that down on my list so I can suggest it and you can all not vote for it next year when we choose the GBs.
It won't matter though as by then i'll have figured out a foolproof way to rig the voting so I get my way...
 :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
Modeling Blogs / Re: Moments of Zen
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 01:26:44 am »
<...> I just don't think a mere sheet of transfers should cost someone $30, $40, $50, etc.  Sure, new transfers cost money to make but how much does creating a new tool cost? Skipping over that expense counts for something but that "savings" conveniently flies out the window for some reason. <...>

You won't have top pay 50, 40 or even 30 bucks for just a sheet. You also get the base kit. Combine a base kit with an aftermarket decal sheet (assuming there is one!) and you're usually above what Hasegawa charges you. Unless you're robbed by some middleman, that is. :-\
There are no "savings". The tooling costs X, up front, whether you get a single kit out of it or ten thousand. For a 1/72 jet like the Hunter, a Revell rep told us X is about 60k EUR (IIRC). Get 100 kits out of the mould, you're looking at 600 EUR of tooling costs per kit. Get 100k out of it, you're looking at 0.6 EUR a kit. Plastic prices are all but negligible in this case, a couple of cents per kit at most. Hasegawa doesn't run a charity. Additional runs simply mean the cost per item comes down for them. It's the same for any good on the market. You wouldn't go to your car dealer to get a reimbursement because they managed to sell twice as many cars as they thought they would, would you?

So lets have more companies (like AZ) knocking them out with no decals at a cheaper rate.  Perfect for whiffers and those who will always use aftermarket decals for whatever reason.

1. Nobody who has to order a large amount of modelling goods cares for us whiffers. We're a small niche in what's basically a niche market anyway. Xtradecal's What-If TSR.2 sheets don't count. Because... TSR.2. Everybody's crazy for them.  ;D
2. A kit without decals to use aftermarket decals on is only useful if there actually ARE aftermarket decals. For much of what Hasegawa does, there simply AREN'T.
Aftermarket decal companies won't touch these subjects because a) printing decals is expensive and b) the market is decidedly limited. You've got to pay up front for your print run and there's no guarantee you'll see it back quickly, if at all.
AZ Model is not Hasegawa. AZ lives for the niche. Hasegawa is more Airfix in that regard, meaning they sell in their home markets to casual buyers in department stores. Which is also why Hasegawa can run the risk of putting a kit with limited appeal on the market. And if there are aftermarket decals for something Hasegawa also releases, chances are Hasegawa's main clientèle doesn't even know of them. That's also why Revell can get away with dumping a really old Canberra on the German market. :banghead: Most of their customers are casual buyers. They don't know there's a much nicer alternative from Airfix. 

Some of what you say is wrong, some I don't agree with and some is right but I really can't be bothered arguing with you.  It seems like a lot of effort typing a proper rebuttal on a topic I don't really care about that much and as I keep pointing out, I am bone idle.
And anyway, this is DFZ's blog and not the place for us to argue about this.
Thank you very much! The Force was strong with this one...  :cheers:

Great build and photographs  :thumbsup:
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