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Current and Finished Projects / Re: Glenn's Current Modeling Projects
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 02:51:34 am »
Looks good.  The camo is similar to that used by Sea Shepherd.
Modeling Blogs / Re: Nils's WHIF activity blog
« Last post by Nils on Today at 02:44:30 am »
Blog Entry #225

progress is going slow, but were getting there  :mellow:
main work on the 2 1/72 Me262's is now mostly done, paintwork is about to begin on the landinggear before assembly.
the 1/144 NF-5A and F-104C (both realWorld) have recieved some attention, the NF-5 recieved its first layers of camoflage paint, the F-104C has resumed progress after over a month on the waiting shelf due to decal sourcing problems.

meanwhile, im looking at the stash for my entry into the Flying Boat GB.
i got quite  a few kits to choose from and i have narrowed the list down to the following possible projects:

-Martin Mariner in Belgian Navy service (vintage 1/150 scale revell kit)
-Supermarine Walrus in Aeronautique Militaire Belge markings, May 1940 (revell 1/72 kit)
-Boeing 314 Clipper in either RAF Coastal Command, French Navy or other military/civilian colors (Airfix 1/144 kit)

one or even 2 of these projects will be built for this GB.
meanwhile, im still looking into freeing up space on the shelves, but i still have a spare shelf that can be used, it just needs to be shortened in to fit the room. one issue im worrying about atm is weight, these shelves are quite heavy and im worried they might give way and crash down, destroying my entire 1/72 collection. another option would be to replace all these with a lighter plywood/triplex shelfing system.

thats about all i have for this update, for now, im gonna leave you with this WIP picture of the NF-5A  :mellow:

more soon.....

Aircraft / Re: Fairey Sabrefish Mk-II
« Last post by comrade harps on Today at 02:15:41 am »
That turned my head!  :wub:
Aircraft / Re: Matchbox 1/72 Lightning SAAF WIP
« Last post by zenrat on Today at 02:12:44 am »
You know, i've only just realised those Matchbox stands are designed to be in the shape of an M...

D'oh!   :banghead:
Aircraft / Matchbox 1/72 Lightning SAAF WIP
« Last post by tamatea on Today at 12:30:37 am »
Recently came across a bag of parts in a box of bits and pieces and memories from a 'simpler and happier' time.
It had been started in the sense that a couple of pieces had been glued and the cockpit had been painted 'cold war British black'.
Decals are still there, but it felt like a 'what if' project, especially to test out some paints that I had recently bought while I was away. So I think it will become become a SAAF Lightning, possibly early 70s as the SAAF continued to acquire British aircraft. Something to intercept Angolan Badgers and Mozambican Bears!

Nostalgic Matchbox box art...

Even the yellow instruction sheet has that fond-memories feel about it...

Bits and pieces...

New box of Hataka paints to test. I have read mixed reviews about these paints but when I saw them I couldn't resist... hope to actually reach a stage of being able to test them!

I live in eternal hope of actually finishing something...still have an Italeri Stuka percolating away somewhere!

The "WHIF's You Have Found" / Re: WHIFS found while Google-ing
« Last post by Dizzyfugu on Today at 12:01:34 am »
Came across this (current) breast cancer awareness Cougar:
Aircraft / Re: Black Widow B.1
« Last post by Devilfish on Today at 12:00:28 am »
Cool. Just the bump behind the cockpit looks a littlle strange?

That's! Avionics, lol

Aircraft / Re: Black Widow B.1
« Last post by Dizzyfugu on Yesterday at 11:57:12 pm »
Cool. Just the bump behind the cockpit looks a littlle strange?

IIRC, somebody also put the Su-34/platypus side-by-side cockpit on an YF-23, looked very good (but hunch-backed), too.
My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again (2017)
« Last post by Dizzyfugu on Yesterday at 11:54:26 pm »
My fourth Heller 1:72 He 112 (for the stash at the moment) and a Trumpeter (Modelcollect) 1:72 E-50 MBT with an 88mm gun, both ebay wins.
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