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NOTE TO SELF: Label the prescription bottles when you re-purpose them.

Lunch was going well until I decided that I better take my lunch time pain pill!  Open up the bottle and dumped a bunch of paint into my palm.  :o ;D

Whatever. It was funny and luckily I didn't waste too much paint.  :rolleyes: :lol:

ANYWAY...  this was bound to happen at some point...   me with never kitbashing before was cruising at light speed with the paint when I noticed that I forgot all about plugging the two holes on the fuselage where the original tail planes would have went. WOOPSIE!  ;D ;D

A little late in the game to re-enter PSR mode so uhh.... I'll just hit up the parts stash and see what kind of doo-dads I can find to glue on there. Being where they are I can call the doo-dads "secondary intakes" or "cooling ports" or some such.
Show Trading post / Re: IPMS(UK) SMW 2017 - Swapshop
« Last post by Hobbes on Today at 11:06:24 am »
I'm looking for the HP Victor in 1/144 (from GWH or Pit-road).
Aircraft / Re: It's a Leopard, Bwana.
« Last post by Gondor on Today at 10:41:13 am »
Unfortunately (for me) my local fishing tackle shop no longer has any real lead shot available, so I now have to rely on "Liquid Steel" which I get from Little Cars (usually at Telford). This is very small balls of steel and while they are not as dense as lead they are so small you can get quite a lot of them in to tiny spaces.

Would you like me to pick some up for you Jim?

Plane Spotting / Re: Seen Over Your House Today
« Last post by JayBee on Today at 10:19:11 am »
The light has been going here in Prestwick, but for the last hour(ish) we have had this interesting visitor bashing the circuit.
I think this may well be one of the 146ís that were bought for use in Afghanistan, or is it an ex 30 (the Royal) Sqdn machines. It certainly has all the extra lumps and bumps.

All done with work! Awesome!! I'd rather goof-off all day and now it's time.  ;D

First order of business is to go ahead and paint the bottom side of this since the rest will be much darker. I'll have to thin this paint and luckily I found a suitably small vessel for this... an old prescription bottle! I can just dump the paint and water in there and shake the piss out of it and we're off to the races.

This painting plan should work out because about the time I should be done with this, it will be time for lunch, so it can dry while I eat these glorious enchiladas and afterward I can start trying to plot out this camo pattern.

I knew the catfish but Grumman was right, cats are birds, this is the great proof of it! :wub: :thumbsup:
Aircraft / Re: It's a Leopard, Bwana.
« Last post by JayBee on Today at 09:11:15 am »
I know the feeling well, Kit.

However on that subject of weight distribution, here is where I am going  :rolleyes:

You can see that I have stuck some of the little balls into the underside of the dash panel. I use plastic slurry to stick them in place.
You can also see the small space either side of the nose wheel bay where hopefully a few will go in.

Plane Spotting / Re: Seen Over Your House Today
« Last post by scooter on Today at 09:08:18 am »
I climbed in the back, and told my team chief that we were being followed by a Nimrod...who had mistaken us for the "Follow Me" truck.

I bet that cost them a few drinks latter  ;D ;D

I'm sure it did.
Modeling Blogs / Re: Steel Penguins braying
« Last post by Steel Penguin on Today at 08:58:34 am »
ive finished the painting, and started on the decaling,  and the decals have managed to wind me up, and make me think " that's a clever job" at the same time.
Dragon provide the weight disk, as plain yellow with separate black numerals, and the number plates as black strips with separate white numerals,  really clever as it means you can set them for any value you want, ive picked a number plate from the Tankograd book, and been able to sort it out,  But the numbers are tiny, and you need to cut each one separately, And need to be levelled and centred each time. im realy not certain if  :thumbsup: or  :banghead: .  But onward, only a couple more to place on the rear number plate, then I need to attach the front light covers with PVA, and itll be varnish and done!.

Aircraft / Re: It's a Leopard, Bwana.
« Last post by PR19_Kit on Today at 08:51:07 am »
Mine aren't led either, but they're some modern day substitute. But they're too big to get in that MINUTE gap you mentioned.  :banghead:

Living here right alongside the Severn we're knee deep in fishing tackle shops. But they think I'm totally round the bend as I buy stuff from them that's NOTHING to do with fishing.  ;D ;D
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